Mammoth Mountain

Getting Ready to Travel to Mammoth at the End of the Year

A perfect and relaxing way to wrap up the year is with a trip to Mammoth. This is also when winter activities like snowboarding and skiing are in full swing, and it’s when there are special events either on-site at Mammoth or in nearby Mammoth Lakes, many of which are related to end-of-the-year holidays. Below, […]

Fun Mammoth Activities for People Who Don’t Snowboard or Ski

Mammoth Mountain traces its beginnings to skiing, so it’s no surprise it’s still a popular wintertime activity here. Snowboarding comes in a close second when it comes to winter-related things to do at Mammoth. However, if you’re not a big fan of either one of these activities, there’s still plenty for you to see, do, […]

A Complete Guide to Mammoth Mountain

Tracing its origins to the early 1940s, when avid skier Dave McCoy created a ski area here, Mammoth Mountain is the highest lift-served four-season resort in California. Featuring an impressive 11,053-foot summit, it’s a popular destination that has much to offer anyone appreciating outdoor activities and convenient amenities. The friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, the […]

Will I Need to Buy Lift Tickets when I Visit Mammoth?

If you’re not going to ski or snowboard, you don’t technically need a lift ticket at Mammoth Mountain. In fact, there are ways you could enjoy a visit to Mammoth without doing any activities requiring lift tickets. That being said, there are some equally compelling reasons to consider purchasing tickets for on-site lifts during your […]

Opening Date for Mammoth Ski Lifts

The ski lifts at Mammoth officially open on November 13th for the upcoming 2021–2022 winter season. Specifically, opening day hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if you’re ready to begin the countdown. Below, the friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, the place to go for high-quality Mammoth ski rentals, go over some additional details […]

Ways to Enjoy Mammoth as Summer Winds Down

The Mammoth region is open and accessible all year long. Located about 300 miles from Los Angeles, the popular California mountain resort area also has many fun things you can do as summer winds down. Keep reading for suggestions to consider as you prepare for your visit to the Mammoth area, brought to you by […]

When Does the Skiing & Snowboarding Season Start at Mammoth?

The shift from summertime fun to wintertime activities at Mammoth Mountain usually begins in November, with the season usually ending somewhere around Memorial Day weekend or a bit later. The specific date will vary based on conditions, but it’s a safe bet to go ahead and make any skiing and snowboarding plans you may have […]

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