The Best Mammoth Lakes Events for September 2023

Trying to squeeze in activities during every last second of Mammoth Lakes’ summer weather? So excited for winter to begin that you can’t stay away from town? Either way, these Mammoth Lakes Events are the perfect reason to head to the mountains!

Check out our favorite Mammoth Lakes Events for September 2023 below, then visit Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on rentals and outdoor gear in Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Gran Fondo 9/9/23

If you’ve hiked, skied, or snowboarded in Mammoth Lakes then you know that the altitude here is no joke. So why is there a road cycling race happening just outside of town then?

Because the scenery along the roads and the challenge of cycling at high altitude are too good to pass up. Plus, the community that springs up every year from this event makes it one of our favorite events of the entire year.

Register now for the Mammoth Gran Fondo if you haven’t already!

Mammoth Yoga Festival 9/14/23-9/17/23

If pedaling your heart out isn’t your thing, or you just need a break, then check out the Mammoth Yoga Festival for some of the most serene yoga sessions of your life.

There’s something for everyone at this festival, whether you’re a beginner or expert, so mark your calendars now and get ready to try paddleboard yoga!

Mammoth Tuff 9/15/23-9/17/23

If you’re itching to bike off the paved roads and onto gravel with friends who love the Mammoth Lakes area, then Tuff is the event for you.

Mammoth Tuff is a gravel ride with three difficulty categories all based around the Long Valley Caldera. This event is just as much about fun as it is pushing your limits though, so come ready to have a good time!

Mammoth Trail Fest 9/21/23-9/23/24

Leave the bike at home and head into the mountains by foot during the Mammoth Trail Fest!

You’ll never find a better opportunity to run among beautiful mountains than this event, so register today and start hydrating!

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