How to Ski and Snowboard with Children

When you love skiing and snowboarding, you want to share it with the people you love most so that they enjoy it just as much as you do. However, skiing and snowboarding isn’t for everyone, and children can be especially picky about how or even if they like to them.

If you’re a parent or guardian who wants to share their love of skiing and snowboarding with kids, then Mammoth Bound has the guide for you to give them the best chance possible of loving their time on the snow.

Keep reading to see how to ski and snowboard with kids below, then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on lift tickets and rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Have at Least One Lesson and Plenty of Patience 

If the kid you’re riding with is new to skiing and snowboarding, then it’s best to have them take at least one lesson from a professional instructor.

Instructors specialize in teaching kids good habits, know where the best places for kids to practice are on the mountain, and group lessons give kids a chance to socialize and learn with others their own age.

On top of that, a good lesson will lay down a solid foundation which you can build upon on your own.

Have Fun Wherever That is for Your Kid

You may have a certain style of skiing or snowboarding that you enjoy most, but if the kid you’re riding with doesn’t enjoy it as much as you then there’s a chance they learn to dislike the sports.

Pay attention to where they like to ride and what type of riding they enjoy the most, even if it’s something that you don’t know about or don’t enjoy as much. If they want to ski or snowboard in the park but you haven’t been in the park before then take it as an opportunity to learn together. Don’t push yourselves into out of control riding, but make sure where you ski and snowboard matches where your kids want to be. 

Learn to Ski as a Group and Apart

Sometimes kids and adults both need time to ski and snowboard with people at their own skill level and age. When that time comes, make a plan for where you’ll be riding, when you’ll meet up, and where to go if you can’t find one another.

If you’re with another group of adults, then you can trade off on who is riding with the kids and who is riding on their own. Either way, find a way to ride apart that works for you!

Listen to Your Young Skier or Snowboarder

Whether it’s through body language or verbal expressions, kids will let you know when they’re having fun and when they’re not.

Pay attention to what they tell you so that everyone has a good day on the snow.

Consider More Lessons Down the Road

If your young skier or snowboarder wants to venture into a type of skiing or snowboarding that you don’t know and can’t do on your own then consider getting more lessons down the road. The sooner they build good habits, the better!

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