About Mammoth Bound

Did you hear the one about the people who spent too much time outside in Mammoth Lakes?

Neither have we.

Mammoth Lakes Events, Culture and Apparel

Mammoth Bound is home for anyone with a never-ending case of mountain madness! If your daydreams are full of snowboarding, skiing, paddle boarding, climbing, fishing, hiking, biking, or just using any excuse you can to go outside, then it’s home for you too!

Even we can’t be outside all the time, but when we can’t we redirect our passion into helping the outdoors obsessed get a healthy dose of mountain air no matter their sport or season. We’ve cleared a trail to get you here with helpful information about outdoors sports, Mammoth Lakes events, mountain culture, and brand apparel that you’ll find here. Follow it to get to Mammoth Lakes and into the wilderness we love!

Mammoth Lifestyle With All Your Friends

We hope that sharing our passion for Mammoth Lakes gets you excited to share yours with friends and family, and if you already have then we hope you share it with your four-legged family members too! Since dogs are the only ones who love the Mammoth Lakes’ outdoors as much as people do, the Mammoth Bound team donates to various no-kill dog shelters and are the proud owners of several rescue dogs. Plus, we post updates on our adoptees and where you can adopt a furry friend of your own so you can see what we mean!

Mammoth Bound Bear
Mammoth Bound Lifestyle Brand

A Lifestyle Brand Born From the Outdoor Wonderland

We’ll never fit everything great about the four-season outdoor playground that we call home into a lifestyle brand, but at Mammoth Bound we’re obsessed with trying. Follow us on our journey to grow a community that protects and preserves the natural wonderland we call home!

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"You're off to great places, today is your day! The Mountains are waiting, so... get on your way!"

- Dr Seuss

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