Mammoth Mountain’s Upgrades for 2024

Mammoth Mountain’s record snowfall isn’t the only thing that changed by the end of the 22/23 season. In fact, Mammoth Mountain’s upgrades for 2024 are big enough that we’ve made a post to share them here!

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Chair 16 Upgrade and Expansion

No matter where you like to ride at Mammoth Mountain chances are that you’ll need to ride Chair 16 during a day on the slopes. Since Chair 16 sits just above Canyon Lodge it’s in the center of the front side of the mountain. On top of its central location, Chair 16 also drops riders above several intermediate runs that lead to lifts that go higher up the mountain as well as the other base lodges.

All that convenience makes Chair 16 one of the busiest lifts at Mammoth Mountain, and if the snow falls like it did last year then it can quickly build up a line. That’s why Mammoth’s Chair 16 upgrade and expansion is huge news! Over the summer Chair 16 received the following upgrades.

  • Going from a quad chair to a 6-Pack detachable high-speed chairlift adding 25% more uphill capacity
  • Covered top and bottom terminals that house chairs inside during storms so they don’t need to be cleared off after heavy snowfall
  • A loading conveyor belt for faster loading
  • A northern alignment that reduces snow slide from nearby slopes after major storms

Wooly’s Tube Park Expansion

Mammoth Mountain is home to world-class lodges that make it easy to spend time inside even though there’s some of the best ski terrain in the world outside. Now, Wooly’s Tube Park also has a lodge that will keep tubers warm and comfortable in between being on the snow.

Although the lodge’s construction will take place over 2 years, by the time it is complete there will be a 6,000 sq ft. day lodge as well as a new alpine coaster to boot. If that’s not enough for you then consider the fact that there will also be summer tubing lanes so that you can tube at Mammoth Mountain year-round!

Upgraded Snowmaking System

You may see that Mammoth Mountain receives hundreds of inches of snow every year and assume that the mountain doesn’t need any advanced snowmaking tools. However, snowmaking systems allow the mountain to lay down a base layer of snow sooner. When the heavy snow hits it has more surface to stick to and build on, which means more terrain opens sooner.

So what are the upgrades?

Mammoth added 22 new SMI Super Puma fan guns as well as 15 HKD Klik snowmaking guns to their toolbelt. They also replaced air and water pipes for a more efficient and reliable system.

On top of that skiers and snowboarders will enjoy improved WiFi service, more restrooms, and new tuning equipment in the gear shops on the slopes for faster service!


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