Can I Buy Lift Tickets for Mammoth at Costco?

It’s never too early or late to purchase your Mammoth lift tickets. Even if it’s between seasons, getting your tickets in advance simply provides an added incentive to make a trip to Mammoth Mountain. Today, we’re going over some of the places where you can purchase your lift tickets for this popular resort destination—including Costco.

Yes, Costco (Often) Has Lift Tickets

Costco sells lift tickets for Mammoth during certain times of the year at locations closer to this resort area. If you’re a regular Costco shopper, ask about Mammoth lift tickets the next time you visit your local store, or check the retailer’s website. Just be aware you’ll need to be a Costco member if you’re not already one. Also, these tickets tend to sell fairly quickly, so be proactive about making your purchase.

Costco Ticket Savings Could Be Significant

Along with the convenience factor, buying your Mammoth lift tickets at Costco could mean significant savings. This is more likely to be the case if you purchase tickets in bulk. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to Mammoth with a group of friends or family members, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars by getting all the lift tickets you need with one purchase at Costco.

Blackout Dates May Apply at Costco

One caveat with Mammoth lift tickets available at third-party retailers like Costco is blackout dates may apply. This is more likely to be the case on major holiday weekends, when the resort is busier. However, if you don’t mind adjusting your plans a bit, you can still get affordable lift tickets and have an amazing time at Mammoth Mountain.

There Are Other Ways to Get Discounted Mammoth Lift Tickets

Another way to score some much-appreciated deals on your Mammoth lift tickets is to buy them online from the Mammoth Mountain website. The resort regularly offers a variety of deals when lift tickets are available. Even when the lifts aren’t running, it’s often possible to purchase tickets for the following season. Lift ticket deals directly from the Mammoth site typically involve:

• Bundling options for multiple ticket purchases
• Savings opportunities if you buy tickets for a longer visit
• Options to combine lift ticket purchases with your accommodations and enjoy greater overall savings

Mammoth also offers discounts for ticket purchases made in advance online. For example, single-day tickets purchased 14 days in advance are discounted 15 percent. Even if you buy these tickets 7 to 13 days prior to your planned visit, you’ll save 10 percent. Additional purchasing options with Mammoth lift tickets include:

• Liftopia and similar third-party sites
• Some shops that sell winter activity gear and Mammoth apparel
• At one of Mammoth’s on-site ticket windows*

*Discounts are available for afternoon-only tickets purchased on-site at Mammoth.

Lastly, one other way to get your lift tickets and enjoy added savings is to consider purchasing an Ikon Pass. It’s a seasonal pass that comes with an assortment of perks, including the ability to secure affordable lift tickets. 

It can still get pretty chilly in May at Mammoth Mountain. Gaiters and beanies are the perfect items to keep you warm while you’re skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying all the fun things Mammoth Mountain has to offer. Stop by Mammoth Bound to pick up what you need! 

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