First Time Paddle Boarding in Mammoth Lakes? Here’s What You Need to Know

First Time Paddle Boarding in Mammoth Lakes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thanks to the scenic wilderness and intricate trail system throughout the Mammoth Lakes area, it’s easy to find unique views and experiences while outside here. However, there may be nothing as stunning and personal as floating on a calm alpine lake with the peaks of the Eastern Sierra silently soaring above you.

The Mammoth Bound team wants everyone to know exactly what we’re talking about, so we’ve put together a quick guide to paddle boarding in Mammoth Lakes for the first time below! Read all about it and then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on lodging and paddleboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Avoid The Hassle and Rent Your Paddle Board

Even if you’re an experienced paddle boarder who is visiting Mammoth Lakes, driving a paddleboard all the way from wherever you’re visiting from can be a hassle. If you rent instead of bringing your own board though, there will be no packing or unpacking and hauling your board up mountain roads, which means more time on the water in Mammoth Lakes.

Of course, we recommend renting with Mammoth Bound for the best paddleboard prices and deals, but you’ll have plenty of choices to rent stand up paddleboards while in Mammoth Lakes!

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

If you’re new to paddle boarding then there will be a ton going on in your head as you get on the water for the first time. You can’t be so focused on standing up on your board that you forget to apply sunscreen though!

As you’re likely aware, paddle boarding means being on the water, and water naturally reflects sunlight onto anyone near it. Plus, Mammoth Lakes high elevation means that the sunlight is likely stronger than wherever you came from. Apply sunscreen early and often while paddle boarding in Mammoth Lakes unless you want a very uncomfortable drive home!

Check for Dangerous Weather Before the Weather Checks You

Wind can be a paddleboarder’s worst enemy since it not only kicks up waves but can also push them across the water and into other boarders or the shore. That, plus the fact that rain will make a day on the water more wet than you intended, is reason enough to check the weather before paddle boarding.

However, when the weather also includes lightning, you should stay off the water. Being the tallest thing on a flat surface like a lake when there is lightning nearby is a dangerous combination, so always check the forecast before you get on the water!

Start Somewhere with a Beach if You’re New to Paddle Boarding

It takes time to get your feet under you while paddle boarding, literally.

Launching, standing up, and finding your balance on a paddle board is one of the most difficult parts of the sport for beginners, and doing so from a rocky shoreline is even harder. That’s why we recommend launching for the first time from a sandy beach with a gradual decline into the water.

In the Mammoth Lakes area, the best lakes with beaches include Horseshoe Lake, June Lake, and Mono Lake. 

Drink Water Early and Often

Remember how we were talking about the elevation and sun requiring sunscreen? All that sun also means that you need plenty of water during a day of activities in Mammoth Lakes!

Any physical activity at high elevation will require drinking extra water to avoid dehydration, but exercise out in the sun means you will need to drink even more water if you want to enjoy your entire day!

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