What is the Cell Phone Coverage at Mammoth Mountain Like?

One of our favorite things about Mammoth Mountain is the fact that a visit here means escaping the stress and worries of life back home.

If that’s what you’re coming here for then you may want no cell phone coverage at Mammoth Mountain. If you want to share pictures and videos of your time here though, then you may want more information on what the cell phone coverage at Mammoth is like. That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has put together a quick guide to cell phone coverage at Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes below.

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Peak Periods Bring the Most Trouble 

In terms of the big carriers, Verizon tends to have the best coverage in Mammoth Lakes.

However, no matter how good your coverage is on crowded days like holidays or right after a big storm you can expect data shortages no matter who your carrier is. For that reason it’s a good idea to know where you can find WIFI in case you need to reach someone or find information.

Where to Find WIFI at Mammoth Mountain 

If you’re on the mountain and need to find WIFI then head to one of the lodges spread out around the mountain.

Main Lodge, Canyon Lodge, and Eagle Lodge are a great place to start and are close to other developed areas where you can find WIFI in a pinch.

On top of that, you can find WIFI at the summit’s Eleven53 Café as well as incredible views and food from the café there. Eleven53 Café is a great option thanks to its coverage and the fact that you can take the gondola back down to Main Lodge if you need to get off the mountain.

McCoy Marketplace offers the same benefits, but it’s only halfway up the mountain which puts you even closer to town. On top of that, McCoy Marketplace is centrally located which means intermediate skiers and snowboarders can reach it from most other parts of the mountain.

Lastly, The Mill at the base of Mammoth Mountain also offers food, drinks, and WIFI. Plus, it’s located near a parking lot so you can leave the mountain quickly if you need to after you find coverage.

Tips for Having Little to No Cell Phone Coverage

Despite the numerous options for WIFI on the mountain, there’s always a chance you’re disconnected from someone.

The best way to avoid trouble on the slopes is by choosing a place to meet ahead of time if you or someone you’re with is separated. In some cases, you may separate so you can ride different terrain. If you do then make sure you choose a specific place and time to meet up afterwards so you have no trouble finding each other!

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