Family Friendly Indoor Activities in Mammoth Lakes

It’s hard to be in Mammoth Lakes and not want to spend time outside, but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow it.

However, whether it’s dumping snow or rain, there are still plenty of options for indoor family activities in Mammoth Lakes! The Mammoth Bound team has listed a few of them below so that you and your family never run out of things to do here! Check it out below, and then find the best deals on lodging and activities in Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound!

Eleven53 Interpretive Center

 The Eleven53 Interpretive Center at the top of Mammoth Mountain is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Sierra Mountains from the comfort of a gondola.

Although rain and clouds may lessen the view from the summit, if you’ve worn yourself and your family out after days of skiing, biking, or hiking, and need to relax then the Interpretive Center is a great choice! You will need to purchase tickets to ride on the Scenic Gondola, but the ride is half the adventure thanks to the panorama windows and spectacular views along the way!

The Mammoth Trampoline Club

There isn’t a better option than the Mammoth Trampoline Club for when the weather makes having fun outside impossible and your family has a ton of energy to burn.

Thanks to their safe yet fun setup, Mammoth Trampoline Club allows visitors to flip, jump, and spin all they want. Plus, if you’re a skier or snowboarder then the trampoline club is a great place to cross-train. No matter what your sport or age is though, this place is a blast that will leave you asking when you can come back for more.

The Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl

When the weather is bad it makes sense to stay in one place. Fortunately, Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl has all the food, drinks, and activities you could want all in one building.

As the name implies, Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl is the place for bowling as it has several high-quality lanes, rental gear, TVs, and food to make sure bowlers aren’t bored for a second. On top of that, you can golf inside Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl thanks to their state-of-the-art golfing simulator.

You’ll enjoy all of the beauty and challenges of golfing in Mammoth Lakes even if it’s storming outside at the golfing simulator, but that’s still not all Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl offers. Lastly, The Brasserie on the top floor of the building has high-quality food and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Although a storm may block out the view from The Brasserie, you’ll be too distracted by the excellent food and drinks to care!

Minaret Cinemas

Burnt out by Mammoth’s famous sunshine? Minaret Cinemas is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the latest films! Not only does the theater offer recliner seating, but they also have beer, wine, and a café serving up delicious food to pair with your movie!

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