Tips for Buying Used Ski Gear

Despite how hard learning to ski or snowboard can be, every winter countless people get hooked, work through all the falls that come with learning, and progress to the point where they’re ready to buy their own gear.

If you’re in that position, then you already know that the cost of new ski and snowboard gear is the next roadblock you must deal with. One of the best ways around it is to buy used ski and snowboard gear. Still, if you’re relatively new to skiing and snowboarding then buying used ski gear can be a huge challenge.

The Mammoth Bound team is here to help with our guide to buying used ski and snowboard gear. Check it out below and then visit Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on rentals and activities in Mammoth Lakes!

Try to Buy New Boots

We get it. You came here to find information about used ski and snowboard gear, not to be told that you need to buy new boots, so we wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t important.

One of the top tips we have is to buy new ski or snowboard boots instead of used ones if possible. There are a few reasons why. The first is that ski and snowboard boots are designed to mold to your foot over time, so if someone else has worn them then they will be fitted to their feet and not yours. That may not sound like a big deal, but every movement you make on skis or a snowboard will involve your feet, so if they hurt at all then every second on the snow will too.

For those reasons, if there is one piece of gear that you buy new, make it be your ski or snowboard boots. 

Scratches are Fine. Gouges are Red Flags 

Every piece of used gear you find will have scratches on it. They’re an unavoidable part of sliding over snow and ice, and even a ski or snowboard with many scratches can perform well for years to come.

The thing you want to look out for when buying used ski or snowboard gear are gouges that go all the way down to the base of the gear. These are serious because they can have an immediate effect on how well your gear flexes and pops, but also how long you can rely on it.

Over time moisture will weaken the materials inside your skis or snowboard, so if the base is exposed then the lifetime of your gear will be limited.

Busted Edges are Serious Damage 

Similarly, a busted edge can shorten the lifetime of a ski or snowboard. Edges where the metal has been broken can be fixed, but the damage may limit how effective they are and how long you can use them.

Stay Within Your Skill Range

Lastly, you may be tempted to buy gear that is meant for the advanced skiing or snowboarding that you aspire to do, but don’t buy gear that is too advanced for you to use effectively!

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