How to Decide to Ski or Snowboard

Struggling to decide if you should ski or snowboard?

First of all, congratulations. No matter what you choose, you have a chance to gain an incredible hobby that gets you outside and active for years to come.

Secondly, we know that choosing to ski or snowboard is a difficult choice to make since you likely don’t have any experience with either sport. That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has put together a quick guide to help you decide to ski or snowboard!

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Which is Easier to Learn?

The truth is that skiing and snowboarding are both difficult to learn. You will fall while learning, and it’s rare for a person to get comfortable with either in one day.

That being said, people tend to pick up skiing faster than snowboarding. Everyone is different, but most people feel more comfortable on skis at first since while skiing you’re facing downhill like you would if you were walking. While snowboarding you’re going downhill sideways, which feels uncomfortable to most people until they have the ability to stop and turn.

Which is More Fun?

Fun is completely subjective, but skiing and snowboarding are best suited for getting down the slope in different ways.

When done correctly, skiing consists of fast and technical turns. That’s why you’ll see skiers thrive in mogul fields (bumps on ski slopes) while snowboarders will struggle. Skiers can also excel when they’re off groomed trails and on uneven conditions like tree runs thanks to how quickly they can turn and stop.

Snowboarding has its roots in surfing where the emphasis is on wide, flowy turns. Skilled snowboarders can still stop and turn quickly, and have no problem riding through trees or ungroomed terrain with hazards.

However, at its best, snowboarding is flowing and with wide turns. For some people, snowboarding is better for powder days because it’s best suited for big, flowing turns. However, skiers can ride with the same style any time they’d like, so you really can’t go wrong choosing between the two!

Other Key Differences

One big difference between skiing and snowboarding is how you get on and off lifts. Skiers are able to get on and off ski lifts without taking their skis off. Snowboarders have to unstrap their back foot, push with it to get on the lift, and then ride off the lift with only one foot strapped in.

Another big difference is that skiers have poles which allow them to push themselves forward if they get stuck in a flat area. If a snowboarder loses their momentum, they must hop or push themselves forward with their back foot to get somewhere that they can ride downhill.

No matter what you choose, skiing and snowboarding are excellent sports to get into, and getting over the learning curve and progressing is extremely rewarding and fun!

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