5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make when You Go Skiing


A popular wintertime activity in places like Mammoth Mountain, skiing isn’t something you can easily master. In fact, it takes time to gain confidence and comfort on snow-covered terrain while you’re on skis. It’s just as important to know what to avoid when skiing to boost your odds of having a fun, memorable time during your next ski trip. For this reason, we run through five things to avoid when skiing below.

1. Not Picking the Right Ski Area for Your Experience Level

You’ll have a safer and more enjoyable experience if you gravitate toward areas appropriate for your current abilities and level of experience. Mammoth Mountain is home to roughly 3,500 skiable acres and multiple terrain options. Most of the beginner areas are near the base, and the more advanced spots are usually higher up. Take some time to learn more about your choices with ski areas so you can choose what’s best for you.

2. Not Buying Lift Tickets in Advance

Lift tickets at popular resorts like Mammoth Mountain are subject to availability. In other words, you may have limited options if you wait until you get here to buy lift tickets. If you purchase your lift tickets online, you’ll have many more options with all the lifts. Plus, you may find some appealing deals and discounts.

3. Not Checking Your Gear Before You Arrive

Just because your gear was fine the last time you skied doesn’t mean it will still be in tip-top shape now, especially if your equipment has been stashed away for many months. Avoid being surprised by ski gear that’s broken, loose, or unsafe by checking what you have before you arrive. Pay particular attention to:

• Whether or not your skis still fit comfortably
• The condition of your goggles, boots, and other accessories
• How firm and supportive your ski poles are

Also, popular ski locations like Mammoth Lakes have conveniently located shops where you can rent ski-related equipment and accessories. If you discover some of your gear isn’t in great shape, consider taking advantage of high-quality Mammoth ski rentals when you get to the mountain.

4. Not Being Prepared with What You Intend to Wear

You’ll be much warmer and safer as you spend part or most of your day skiing if you dress in layers. Travelandleisure.com recommends going with something warm and lightweight for your base layer. Consider moisture-wicking materials as well to avoid feeling sweaty or uncomfortable when you add additional layers. The recommended outer layer is something heavier, like a ski jacket with a hood that provides some added protection for your neck. Wrap up your ski-related packing with a few pairs of moisture-resistant ski pants that retain warmth.

5. Leaving the Lodge without Water or Light Snacks

It’s surprisingly easy to lose track of time when you’re preoccupied with skiing. Many people don’t feel thirsty until they’re already dehydrated. Avoid this risk by packing some bottled water—and a few light snacks to maintain your energy—in a handy backpack before you leave the lodge. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, and make sure your goggles provide sufficient glare protection, since snow reflects sunlight.

Skiers can have a blast on the slopes at Mammoth if they plan ahead and avoid making the mistakes listed above. Whether they need accessories or ski rental in Mammoth, visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for high-quality service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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