How Difficult Is Snowboarding for a Beginner?

Every outdoor activity has a learning curve associated with it, and this is also true of snowboarding. As for whether or not this popular Mammoth-area activity is hard for beginners, it depends on your level of commitment and willingness to give yourself time to gain confidence as you get a feel for the board and terrain. Below are some tips to make snowboarding easier and more enjoyable for a beginner, brought to you by the team at Mammoth Bound, your premier choice for snowboard rental. Mammoth snowboarders can rely on us for the high-quality equipment they need to make the most of their time on the mountain.

Be Prepared to Fall as You Learn

As a snowboarding beginner, you’re going to fall. In fact, it’s actually not uncommon for newer boarders to spend much of their first few days falling on fresh powder. But this is part of the learning process, so don’t let it bother you. Also, falling as you learn doesn’t have to be painful if you prepare by:

• Using a beginner-level snowboard, which you can always rent if you’re not ready to invest in one of your own just yet
• Opting for comfort rather than fashion and throwing on an extra layer of clothing for added protection
• Wearing a supportive, properly fitting helmet
• Putting knee pads on to protect your knees

Practice Before You Get to Your Snowboarding Area

With snowboarding, balance depends primarily on subtle lower-body shifts. If you’re a bit uncomfortable with working on your balance around other people in a snowboarding area, do some practicing at home. Simply strap your board on and practice turning your body and adjusting your stance. You can even put a piece of PVC pipe under your board to work on your balance as you practice in a way that challenges the muscle groups in your lower body a bit more.

Choose Trails Appropriate for Your Skill Level

It will be easier to learn how to snowboard and improve your abilities if you start on a trail that’s appropriate for your current skill level. At Mammoth Mountain, the “green” or beginner-level trails are at the base of the skiing and snowboarding area by Canyon Lodge. The trails here wrap around and extend to nearby Eagle Lodge. The runs in this area still offer gorgeous views, but you’ll be safely out of the way of steeper runs and more advanced boarders who often travel at much higher speeds.

Consider Signing Up for Snowboarding Lessons

For some people, skiing is easier to learn, since you have two blades to balance on and handheld poles to help you out. However, snowboarding gets easier once you learn and master the basics. A convenient and fun way to do this is to sign up for snowboarding lessons. If you want to do this at Mammoth Mountain, ski and snowboarding schools are available at each of the base lodges here: Eagle, Canyon, and the Main Lodge. Plus, once you’ve taken some lessons, you’ll be free to snowboard on your own, since you’ll have easy access to trails in the same location.

If you need snowboarding tips or gear before you hit the mountain, stop in and chat with the snow sports experts at Mammoth Bound. We have great tips for beginning and veteran snowboarders alike, and we can hook you up with all the gear you need for an amazing mountain adventure. When they’re looking for premier Mammoth snowboard rentals, our customers come back again and again for our high-quality service and expert knowledge. Drop by when you’re on the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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