5 Benefits of Renting Snowboarding Equipment when You Get to Mammoth

Snowboarding is one of the top ways to enjoy all the appealing winter amenities and the many natural wonders found at the sprawling recreational area that is Mammoth Mountain. As you go about planning a trip to Mammoth that will involve snowboarding, you may be wondering what to do about the gear you’ll need. Here are five compelling reasons to consider renting your snowboarding gear at Mammoth, brought to you by the team at Mammoth Bound, your premier choice for snowboard rental. Mammoth snow sports enthusiasts can rely on us for the high-quality equipment they need to have a great time on the mountain.

1. Renting Saves You Money

If you don’t have your own snowboarding gear already, renting what you need when you get to Mammoth rather than buying it can reward you with significant savings. According to Askforadventure.com, the average cost to rent a snowboard, boots, and helmet is about $50 per day. The average cost to purchase the same gear is more than $600. Even if you spend a full three-day weekend snowboarding at Mammoth with rented gear, you’ll still enjoy substantial savings.

2. You Won’t Have to Pack All Your Gear

By renting what you need once you arrive at Mammoth, you won’t have to stuff your car with extra gear. If you’re traveling by air, you won’t need to find ways to bring your gear with you on the plane in addition to anything else you may be bringing with you. This can be especially beneficial if you’ll be coming here for snowboarding fun with other family members or friends.

3. Renting Gives You a Chance to Try Newer Snowboarding Gear

It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest or trendiest gear options in the world of recreational sports. Renting snowboarding gear at Mammoth gives you a chance to try out some of the newer styles and designs. What’s more, you can do this without actually having to make a full investment in anything that’s more up to date than what you currently have or use. You can also see for yourself if newer gear is really the type of gear you like or wish to invest in without having to actually make any initial purchases.

4. You Can Get What’s Right for Your Skill Level

Just because you have snowboarding gear at home doesn’t mean what you have, especially with snowboards, will be right for your current skill level. This also applies to anyone else who may be coming with you, particularly younger family members just getting into outdoor winter activities. With rentals at Mammoth, it’s much easier to choose what’s appropriate for yourself or anyone else with you. Also, during the rental process, it’s often possible to:

• Get advice about what’s best for your skill level
• See how things fit or feel before you make a decision
• Ask questions if you’re new to snowboarding to get a better idea of what gear to consider

5. It’s Easier to Exchange Rental Gear

With gear, it’s not unusual to try something out and discover that maybe you should’ve gone with one of the other options. But if you rent your snowboarding gear at Mammoth, it’s much easier to exchange equipment that ends up not being right for you or anyone with you.

If you need to rent first-rate snowboarding gear, stop in and see the snow sports experts at Mammoth Bound. When they’re looking for premier Mammoth snowboard rentals, our customers come back again and again for our high-quality service and expert knowledge. Drop by when you’re on the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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