The Best Intermediate Trails and Black Diamonds at Mammoth Mountain

The Best Intermediate Trails and Black Diamonds at Mammoth Mountain  

Learning how to ski and snowboard well enough to make it down an entire run without falling is an accomplishment, but once you can do that you’ll likely need to look for steeper and longer trails to keep progressing and having fun.

Moving on to intermediate runs, and especially expert black diamonds, can be intimidating though, and to ride safely you need to be confident in your skills. To help you build up your confidence, the Mammoth Bound team has put together a list of the best trails, including black diamonds, to improve your skiing and snowboarding with at Mammoth Mountain. Plan your day at Mammoth Mountain with the information below, then find the best deals on lodging and lift tickets with Mammoth Bound!


Patrolmen’s might be the best first black diamond at Mammoth Mountain, thanks to its length and location near a base lodge.

Patrolmen’s is located just above The Mill near Main Lodge and is surrounded by blue and green runs so that you can work your way up to a black diamond. Typically when a run is near the base of the mountain, you have to worry about overcrowding. Since Patrolmen’s is near The Mill and not a base lodge though, the lift lines and slopes nearby are less crowded. Plus, Patrolmen’s is a short run that allows you to practice a few turns on a steep slope without wearing yourself out.


If you’re riding near Canyon Lodge, then BlueJay is another great choice for intermediate riders who are ready to try a black diamond.

Although BlueJay is narrow run, its incline is great for intermediate riders and it empties out at Chair 8 which means you can quickly try the run again. Since Chair 8 is at Canyon Lodge, the lift lines and slopes can be crowded. However, BlueJay is also a longer run, so you get more chances to practice turns on a steep incline. 

Upper Road Runner

Everyone who skis or snowboards at Mammoth Mountain should visit the summit at least once, but if you’re an intermediate skier or snowboarder then you may be worried that you won’t be able to safely ride back down.

Fortunately, Upper Road Runner allows intermediate riders to enjoy the long ride down from the summit. Although Upper Road Runner is a narrow trail that has flat sections towards the bottom, it’s also long and gives you access to several other blue and black diamond runs. If you ride Upper Road Runner then make sure you have a plan to make it back to the frontside of the mountain since the trail leads to the backside. 


If riding Upper Road Runner takes you to the backside of the mountain, then check out Santiago to push your skiing or snowboarding.

Santiago is a blue with a good incline for making clean turns, but what makes it even better is that its backside location means it is usually less crowded than most other trails on the mountain. Take advantage of the gentle and open slope to polish your skills! 

Chair 12 

Lastly, if you need variety and a chance to grow your skills then check out Chair 12 to the right of Main Lodge.

Chair 12 offers several blue runs where you can push or polish your riding, but since it’s near but not at a lodge it gets less crowded than most chairs low on the mountain. Find the run that works best for you at Chair 12 and have a blast riding!

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