Mammoth Bound’s Guide to Mammoth Mountain’s Unbound Terrain Parks

Mammoth Bound’s Guide to Mammoth Mountain’s Unbound Terrain Parks

With 3,500 acres of skiable Sierra Mountain terrain and incredible snow, you may think that no one would ride in the terrain parks at Mammoth Mountain.

But they’re some of the most popular terrain parks in the world because the Unbound Terrain Parks Team is just that good.

Terrain parks in general can be difficult to approach for new skiers and snowboarders, especially when they’re as large and popular as Unbound’s are. For that reason, the Mammoth Bound team has put together a quick guide to Mammoth Mountain’s terrain parks. Plan your day in the park, then plan your trip by finding the best deals on lodging and rentals with Mammoth Bound!

The Playgrounds

As the name implies, Disco, Wonderland, and Eagle Playground are all terrain parks built for an introduction to freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Each one is located near a base lodge so that riders who are not comfortable enough to ride the steep slopes higher up the mountain can still have access to terrain parks.

Find which base lodge you’ll be riding at the most, then find the playground closest to it and see just how fun the park can be!

Snake Run

Want to mix speed with jumps so that you feel like you’re riding in the most intense race of your life? Check out Snake Run off Chair 4.

Snake Run combines the jumps of a terrain park with the features of a boardercross course so riders can have a blast while linking jumps with style and speed. Snake Run takes serious skill to master, but can be a blast to ride if you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder.

Transition Park

Don’t know what you want to do in the park except for have fun? Check out Transition Park off Chair 4.

Transition Park is built with untraditional jumps, bowls, and turns so that you can let your imagination run free while in the park. Here you’ll see features and lines that you probably have never had a chance to hit in any other terrain park, so if you’re a seasoned park rider then transition park is a must for you!

Jibs & More

Looking to hone your rail and jib tricks? Then there’s no park better for you to ride in than Jibs & More off Chair 4.

Jibbing, or riding rails and boxes, is one of the most intimidating skills for many skiers and snowboarders since it takes great balance to stay up, but this park provides plenty of different features for you to push your rail and box skills so that you can hit them with confidence. On top of that, it’s just plain fun and a great way to spend your day away from crowded slopes or poor conditions.

Forest Trail

Ready for bigger jumps and more challenging jibs? Forest Trail off of Chair 6 is the perfect place to test and push your skills. Plus, it’s location puts it near other parks and the 11-foot halfpipe.

South Park

Are you ready to ride expert jumps and rails? Then South Park is the perfect place for you.

Although slightly smaller than Main Park, South Park combines expert jumps with challenging jibs that even pro riders will have a blast on. Due to the size of the features, only advanced skiers and snowboarders should ride here.

Main Park

Lastly, the jewel of the Unbound Terrain Parks team is Main Park.

This is where you’ll find the largest jumps at Mammoth Mountain as well as the 22-foot halfpipe where professional snowboarders and skiers comes to test their skills. For that reason, only experts should ride in Main Park.


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