How Long Should My Skiing Trip to Mammoth Be?

How Many Days Should Your Mammoth Skiing Trip Last in Mammoth, CA

Anyone with an appreciation for wintertime activities like skiing can certainly appreciate a visit to Mammoth Mountain at any time when conditions are right. As for how long a skiing trip to this particular resort should last, it really depends on your preferences, how much time you have available, and what else you might be doing. Below, the friendly folks from Mammoth Bound, your one-stop shop for everything from high-quality ski and snowboard rental to Mammoth beanies that look cool while keeping you warm, discuss common options with a Mammoth ski trip to give you a clearer idea of what might appeal to you when coming here.

Weekend Ski Trips to Mammoth

A common option with ski trips is for any weekend throughout the ski season. Skiers of all skill levels often have other obligations during the week that make weekend trips preferable. Plus, if you like mingling with other skiers and being in a bustling atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a weekend ski trip to Mammoth, since this is when the resort is usually buzzing with activity. What’s more, a “weekend” ski trip here can be flexible enough to include:

• Saturday and Sunday only
• Friday plus the next two days
• A Friday-through-Monday ski trip

Mammoth Mountain offers multi-day lift ticket options for five or seven days. If you go with the five-day option, you can decide if you want to make your weekend ski trip a bit longer while still retaining lift access.

Extended Ski Trips/Vacations

Mammoth manages several rental properties that include luxury home rentals, condos with lofts and kitchens, and spacious townhouses with kitchens. If you have the time for a longer or extended ski trip, you may prefer one of these lodging options. This is a great way to come to Mammoth as a family or with a group of friends for longer stays that might include ski vacations that last for one or two weeks. This way, you can casually ski while enjoying the many other amenities Mammoth offers at your own pace.

Weekday Ski Trips

Some skiers prefer to come to Mammoth when it’s not as crowded. If this is what appeals to you, a weekday ski trip may be more suitable. These are trips that can be timed in a way that takes you close to the weekend in either way. For instance, you might come on Thursday and ski that day and part of the next day before leaving. If you’re able to do so, scheduling a week off from work is another possibility so you can have a longer weekday ski trip. Doing so also gives you more opportunities to take a shuttle from one of the lodges to check things out in nearby Mammoth Lakes, which also tends to have fewer crowds on weekdays.

Single-Day Ski Trips

If it’s fairly easy for you to get to Mammoth and you’re crunched for time, you may prefer a single-day ski trip. Mammoth makes it easy to do this with lift ticket options for the whole day that can be purchased online 1–2 weeks or so in advance of your trip. If you’ll likely only be skiing for half of your day here by the time you arrive and get ready to ski, Mammoth offers afternoon-only lift tickets. Discounted 25 percent, these tickets, which are good for the remainder of the day, are available at the ticket window shortly after noon. 

You’ll boost your chances of having a great trip to Mammoth if you start to plan ahead now. Whether they need trendy Mammoth apparel or high-quality ski or snowboard rental, Mammoth visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for exceptional service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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