Tips that Can Help Skiers & Snowboarders Get Along

How Can Snowboarders & Skiers Get Along in Mammoth, CA

Historically, there has been a certain degree of friction between snowboarders and skiers. For instance, some skiers complain newer snowboarders are “messing up” the snow and affecting terrain conditions. Conversely, snowboarders sometimes counter with the assertion that skiers encroach on their spaces and make it difficult for them to do what they want to do on their boards. But there are some practical ways for enthusiasts of either one of these activities to get along. Some suggestions are offered below by the friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, your one-stop shop for everything from high-quality ski and snowboard rental to stylish Mammoth logo wear.

Respect Each Other’s Space

Before going any further, we should point out it’s not totally unheard of for skiers and snowboarders to get along perfectly fine with one another. However, if there’s one common point of contention between the two groups, it’s usually over space. This is an issue that can be dealt with by making an effort to be respectful of anyone else using the same space by:

• Choosing a place to ski or snowboard with plenty of available space
• Being mindful of who’s around you before you get started
• Watching where you land or stop when wrapping up a move or trick

Stay within Areas Appropriate for Your Skill Level

More advanced snowboarders and skiers sometimes get frustrated if they’re sharing terrain with newcomers. Therefore, if you’re a newer boarder, stay within areas where other beginner-level snowboarders are working on their skills and techniques. Do the same thing if you’re fairly new to skiing. Places like Mammoth Mountain have areas conveniently designated for different skill levels to make it easier to do this.

Don’t Make Assumptions

It was once fairly common for snowboarders to be teenagers more likely to be less patient with others sharing the same space. Skiers were once largely considered to primarily be adults preferring to have more space to themselves without having to “put up with” unruly snowboarders. However, it’s much more realistic today for people of all ages to enjoy either activity. For this reason, another way for snowboarders and skiers to get along is to avoid making assumptions.

Report Inappropriate or Dangerous Behavior

There may be times when someone skiing or snowboarding acts in a way that creates the potential for conflict. Minimize this risk by reporting anyone doing anything inappropriate or potentially dangerous to resort employees. They’re typically capable of dealing with a skier or snowboarder causing problems for others in a way that’s not disruptive for you.

Give the Other Activity a Try

If you’re an avid skier and you’ve never given snowboarding a try, you can always take a few on-site lessons at a place like Mammoth Mountain. Do the same thing if you’re a regular snowboarder who’s never skied before. This way, you’ll be able to get a feel for the other activity and what’s involved with it. Doing so could also make you more understanding of people who enjoy the other activity.

When you practice these basic rules for sharing the slopes with people enjoying various types of snow sports, you’ll be better prepared to have a fantastic time at Mammoth Mountain. Whether you need high-quality snowboard or ski rentals or you’re looking for trendy apparel such as Mammoth gaiters, t-shirts, and hats, Mammoth Bound is your one-stop shop for everything you need. Stop by on your way to the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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