When Does the Skiing & Snowboarding Season Start at Mammoth?

The shift from summertime fun to wintertime activities at Mammoth Mountain usually begins in November, with the season usually ending somewhere around Memorial Day weekend or a bit later. The specific date will vary based on conditions, but it’s a safe bet to go ahead and make any skiing and snowboarding plans you may have with mid-November in mind. The friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, the place to go for high-quality Mammoth snowboard rentals, offer some additional tips to keep in mind for skiing and snowboarding season in the Mammoth area.

Start Looking for Deals & Booking Opportunities Now

It’s typically possible to purchase lift tickets and Ikon Passes online via the Mammoth Mountain website in advance of the official start of skiing and snowboarding season. In fact, this is a good time to get into the habit of visiting the Mammoth site to see what deals and packages are available at the moment, especially for lodging. By making your plans as far in advance as possible, you could be rewarded with some added savings on:

• Lift tickets for early and mid-season dates
• On-site lodging at Mammoth
• Convenient Ikon Passes that come with an assortment of perks

Consider Weekday Options Too

As is the case in the summer, weekends are a popular time to come to Mammoth Mountain during the winter season. While you’re certainly welcome to plan some weekend skiing and snowboarding trips, consider checking things out during weekdays now and then. Since these days are usually not as crowded, you may appreciate the perks that often go along with smaller groups of visitors.

Run through Your Skiing/Snowboarding Season Prep List

It’s generally a good idea to start planning for the skiing and snowboarding season at Mammoth about a month or two prior to mid-November. But you can take care of a few other things here and there a bit earlier if you prefer to do so.

As far as general preparations for the upcoming season, one step to take is to check the equipment you have for skiing and/or snowboarding. This gives you a chance to replace or repair anything that needs some attention. You can always plan to rent snowboards, skis, and accessories when you get here, which is also something to consider if you prefer access to some of the latest equipment and styles.

Also, it can be a wise move to make travel plans as far in advance of the winter season at Mammoth as possible, especially if you’ll be coming here by plane. On a related note, consider booking your Mammoth-area lodging accommodations at the same time you make your flight plans. This reduces the risk of not being able to coordinate your flight schedule with your reserved lodging date(s).

Lastly, prepare yourself for the upcoming winter season at Mammoth by:

• Determining if you or anybody else coming with you may need to book skiing/snowboarding lessons before you get here
• Selecting some local restaurants you’ll likely be interested in so you can make reservations ahead of time if necessary
• Checking to see what COVID guidelines may apply

Now that you know when to expect skiing and snowboarding season to start, plan ahead and prepare to have a great time at Mammoth Mountain. If you need high-quality snowboard or ski rentals in Mammoth, Mammoth Bound is your one-stop shop for renting the equipment you need to have a great time on the mountain. Stop by on your way to the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

When it comes to high-quality Mammoth apparel, Mammoth Bound has got you covered. T-shirts, hats, beanies, and much more are available at our shop, so make sure to stop by while you’re here!

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