How Can I Get in Shape for Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is one of the most popular wintertime activities in the Mammoth area. It’s also an activity that requires some degree of balance, strength, and coordination to maintain proper positioning when twisting, turning, and gliding through fresh powder. Below are some tips to keep in mind for getting your body in shape for snowboarding season, brought to you by the team at Mammoth Bound, your premier choice for snowboard rental. Mammoth snowboarders can rely on us for the high-quality equipment they need to make the most of their time on the mountain.

Work on Your Balance

A good place to start is with exercise that can help you improve and maintain proper balance so you’ll be able to remain steady and confident while on your board. One creative option to consider uses a skateboard deck and a piece of durable PVC pipe. The deck rests on the pipe while you stand and balance on it. The idea here is to simulate snowboarding movements while working on your balance. Your snowboard balance can also be improved with exercises involving:

• Back leg raises
• Side stepping
• Weight shifts
• Yoga and Pilates
• Knee curls and toe stands

Focus on Your Core Muscle Groups

Snowboarding puts extra stress and strain on more than just the muscles in your legs. The movements associated with this activity also require support from your core muscle groups—the ones around your pelvis as well as those in your abdomen and lower back.

Planks and bridges are specific exercises that can increase core muscle strength. However, if you prefer to target the same muscle groups in a more enjoyable way, consider biking during the off-season. Incidentally, this is something you can do at Mammoth Mountain thanks to the many trails here. Yoga and swimming can also boost your core muscle strength. Strength training that includes your core muscles can be equally beneficial.

Increase Your Intake of Nutrient-Rich Foods

Even when casually snowboarding, you’ll need strong muscles, bones, and joints. At the very least, skip the calorie-heavy meals and stay away from processed foods and sugary treats as you prepare for snowboarding season. In addition to keeping your weight in check, fine-tuning your diet plays a role in optimizing your performance while snowboarding. Further boost bone and joint health as you prepare for snowboarding season with nutrient-rich foods that include:

• Leafy green veggies
• Low-fat dairy products
• Oranges, grapefruit, and other brightly colored fruits

Get into the Habit of Stretching

A quick and easy way to get your body in shape for snowboarding is to find ways to stretch throughout your day. What this does is keep your muscles limber and increase your flexibility. Regular stretching also reduces the risk of lingering soreness or stiffness when you get done with snowboarding for the day.

Rest Up with High-Quality Sleep

Sleep also gets your body in shape for snowboarding by promoting natural tissue healing, which reduces the risk of injuries as you once again get active on your board. For winter athletes and weekend warriors alike, regular sleep increases mental clarity and alertness as well, which is just as beneficial when snowboarding. 

If you need more advice on how to get physically prepared for a great snowboarding season, stop in and chat with the snow sports experts at Mammoth Bound. When they’re looking for premier Mammoth snowboard rentals, our customers come back again and again for our high-quality service and expert knowledge. Drop by when you’re on the mountain or contact us at [email protected].

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