Typical April Weather at Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain is perched in sunny California. Therefore, you would think the answer to the question asked above would be “warmer” or even a bit “hotter” on certain days as spring marches on toward summer. But there are some unique factors that make the weather at Mammoth Mountain a little different than what you would expect from a California-based resort. Keep reading to learn what the weather’s typically like here in April.

Higher Daily Temperatures

According to Weatherspark.com, average daily highs in the Mammoth area go up about seven degrees in April compared to March. This means average daily highs around 55 degrees and temperatures that rarely fall below 36 degrees during the day. Nighttime temperatures average around 27 degrees but rarely get down into the single digits. It’s still a good idea to dress for cooler weather when you come to Mammoth in April, which generally means:

• Jeans and pants that provide added warmth
• Clothing appropriate for skiing and other activities still common here in April
• Layers so you can make adjustments as temperatures change throughout the day

Not as Much Snow

Due to the higher elevations at Mammoth Mountain, there can still be snowfall in April. Granted, this is less likely to be a regular occurrence. In fact, January and February are the major months for snowfall in the area. However, there can still be some natural snow here in April. According to Onthesnow.com, the snowfall average for April in Mammoth is nine inches, with an average summit depth of 99 inches.

More Sunny Days

The cloud cover common here earlier in the year gradually decreases throughout April. This means days here in April are more likely to be sunny and mostly clear. On a related note, days naturally get longer in April because spring is in full swing, which rewards you with more daylight hours. From the start of April through the end of the month, daylight in this area increases by a little over an hour.

But Not as Much Humidity

You’re not going to have humid or muggy days in April when you come to Mammoth Mountain. This is because of the higher elevation and the close proximity to several bodies of water in nearby Mammoth Lakes. Granted, it may be a bit more humid if you come here on a day when it rains, but it’s usually not uncomfortable or too noticeable.

Wintertime Activities in April

It’s also worth noting the weather conditions common at Mammoth Mountain in April are still ideal for artificial snowmaking. This is good news if you want to enjoy the best of winter in the spring. Many of the wintertime activities Mammoth is known for can still be fully enjoyed throughout April, including:

• Skiing and snowboarding
• Snow tubing and snowmobiling
• Activities at any of the on-site lodges
• Riding the gondola to the top of the mountain

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