Getting Ready to Travel to Mammoth at the End of the Year

Tips for Planning Your End-of-the-Year Trip to Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

A perfect and relaxing way to wrap up the year is with a trip to Mammoth. This is also when winter activities like snowboarding and skiing are in full swing, and it’s when there are special events either on-site at Mammoth or in nearby Mammoth Lakes, many of which are related to end-of-the-year holidays. Below, we offer tips to keep in mind as you finalize your plans for a trip to Mammoth as the year winds down.

Pick Your Dates Early

Weekends toward the end of the year tend to be fairly crowded at Mammoth, especially right around Christmas and New Year’s. For this reason, you may want to consider a weekday visit, since this is when crowds are usually smaller. Picking your end-of-the-year Mammoth trip dates ASAP also gives you a chance to take care of travel essentials that include:

• Booking your flight if you’ll be flying here
• Making your room reservations if you’ll be staying at one of the on-site lodges
• Scheduling things in advance that may appeal to you, such as skiing or snowboarding lessons you can take right at Mammoth

Get Your Lift Tickets in Advance Online

The lifts will also likely be heavily used toward the end of the year to accommodate the added influx of visitors. Fortunately, picking your dates early gives you more options with securing lift tickets at reasonable rates via the Mammoth website. Mammoth also regularly offers ticket and pass deals online, which can make your end-of-the-year trip more affordable.

Consider Renting What You’ll Need when You Get Here

Traveling light for an end-of-the-year trip to Mammoth gives you fewer things to worry about as far as managing extra bags goes. A simple way to lighten your load when coming here is to rent any equipment you might need for your planned activities once you get to Mammoth. You can take advantage of Mammoth ski rental or rent a snowboard when you get to the mountain.

See What Events You May Want to Check Out

An end-of-the-year trip to Mammoth can be even more memorable if you enjoy some events that usually take place here. For example, there’s the Night of Lights at Canyon Lodge, which happens on December 18th from 5 to 6 p.m. this year. If you prefer something more adventurous, there’s the Unbound Series Rail Jam. It’s a ski and snowboard competition taking place on December 29th that’s open to all ages and skill levels. Mammoth also hosts an annual family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration with treats, goodies, and fireworks.

Learn More about What You Can Do Locally

Finally, plan a year-end trip to Mammoth that’s enjoyable by considering some of the things you can do locally when not skiing, snowboarding, relaxing at a lodge, or taking scenic gondola rides. Within the Mammoth area, possibilities include:

• Dining at on-site or Mammoth Lakes restaurants
• Shopping at places like the Village at Mammoth and Red Rooster Mall Shopping Center
• Checking out nearby June Mountain*
• Fishing at one of the catch-and-release fisheries in the area that are open year-round

*Mammoth Mountain lift tickets are valid on the same day at June Mountain.

You’ll boost your chances of having a great trip to Mammoth at the end of the year if you start to plan ahead now. Whether they need high-quality ski or snowboard rental in Mammoth, visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for exceptional service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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