Girls Who Shred – How TikTok Is Bringing Shredders Together

How To Find Friends to Shred With 

Mammoth Mountain’s size allows everyone to find their own personal slice of mountain heaven, but the best skiing and snowboarding is always done with friends!

Finding friends on the mountain isn’t always easy though and getting the friends you already have to the snow is a huge challenge, especially if you’re the only woman you know who has a serious passion for snow. To help out, the Mammoth Bound team has listed a few ways you can find women to ride with at Mammoth Mountain and other mountains all over the world. Check it out below, find your crew, and then share this post to help others do the same!

Find Local Groups on Social Media

Social media is full of pictures and videos of dreamy powder, beautiful mountains, and everything people love about skiing and snowboarding, and if you know where to look it can show you women who shred just like you do.

For example, at Mammoth Mountain there is a group called Girls that Board which regularly posts highlights of their time on Mammoth’s legendary slopes. They have an Instagram, Tik Tok,  and Facebook where they post about meet-ups. Most mountains and regions will have similar groups that are always looking for new women to shred with, so check them out to find your new friends!

Women Led Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Many mountains hold clinics and lessons led by women and for women to give them a place to learn, progress, and make friends with the same passion for skiing and snowboarding. Mammoth Mountain is no different.

Mammoth holds a three day ski and snowboard clinic that is led by a female instructor, giving female skiers and snowboarders the chance to explore the mountain with a guide and great friends. Join a female clinic or lesson and then take the skills and friends you make there to the slopes for years to come! 

Go to Ski or Snowboard Camp

Camp isn’t just for kids anymore.

Whether you’re into snow skiing or water skiing, there’s a good chance that there’s a group of people who set aside time to do it together. If you’ve struck out at finding friends to ride with and need some time away, then find a camp to ski or snowboard at!

Ski mountains are often in remote locations, which can mean long travel times to get to them. However, since you must dedicate time to travel and at least a day to get to them, taking a ski trip means taking a vacation from your everyday stress and worries. Getting away from home and into the mountains is one of the best parts of skiing and snowboarding, and adults typically need to get away the most, so book yourself a trip to a women’s ski or snowboard camp!

There are camps all over the country where women who love to shred gather, with a few of the best listed here

Plan a Trip with Friends

It’s hard to beat a road trip with friends, but a road trip with friends to a ski mountain is the best kind of trip!

Convincing your friends to go skiing or snowboarding isn’t always easy, but it’s easier when you frame it as a road trip together along beautiful mountain roads. We know that the drive to Mammoth Mountain along Highway 395 is one of the best in the world, so use it as a selling point to plan a trip with your friends to get them on the snow!

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