Guidelines for Hiking Safely in Mammoth

Safety Tips for Hiking in Mammoth in Mammoth, CA

Mammoth Mountain alone has 150 trails, many of which are ideal for hiking once the snow melts. If you add the Mammoth Lakes Trail System to the mix, we’re talking about 300-plus miles of trails for your hiking enjoyment during the warmer months of the year. While there’s much to appreciate about hiking in an area well-known for its abundance of natural beauty, it’s equally important to stay safe while hiking in Mammoth. The mountain sports experts from Mammoth Bound, where you can find everything from high-quality beanies to stylish Mammoth t-shirts, offer tips below.

Plan Ahead

Because of the many hiking locations throughout the Mammoth area, it’s a good idea to know where you want to go before you actually go. Visit the Mammoth Lakes Trail System website for a rundown of the main hiking trails in the area. Also, if you’ll be hiking by yourself, let someone know where you’ll be for added peace of mind.

Bring Everything You’ll Need

Stay safe while hiking in Mammoth by making sure you have all your hiking essentials with you first. Consider any related activities you may also want to do while hiking, like fishing at one of the nearby lakes. For the hiking part of your trip, your list of things to bring should include:

• A refillable water bottle so you stay hydrated
• Light snacks like granola bars to sustain your energy level
• Sunscreen and/or a sun visor or hat
• A properly stocked first aid kit
• A portable charger for your phone*

*Add Mono County’s EMS number to your phone as an added safety precaution: (760) 932-5485.

Pay Attention to Signage

Many of the trails in the Mammoth area, especially the ones at Mammoth Mountain, have signs designed to provide guidance and reminders. Pay particular attention to direction indicators and any signs suggesting you’re getting ready to go along an entirely different trail.

Dress Appropriately

Summer is prime hiking season in Mammoth, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be fine with just shorts and a tee. The lakes and higher elevations often contribute to changes in temperature throughout the day. This is especially true early in the morning and later in the evening. Check the weather for the day before you hike. At the very least, bring a jacket so you’re prepared if temperatures dip. Also, make sure to wear hiking boots or shoes suitable for the terrain you prefer.

Hike at a Comfortable Pace

Hiking in the Mammoth area is often more enjoyable when you go at a slow and steady pace. This is good for you health-wise by reducing the risk of dehydration and exhaustion. It’s also a good way to really take in the view as you hike your way along the trails. Take occasional breaks as well to give yourself a chance to refresh and recharge.

Take Precautions if You’re a Less Experienced Hiker

It’s perfectly fine to develop a greater appreciation for hiking during your visit to the Mammoth area. In fact, it’s something we encourage. However, if you’re new to hiking or not all that experienced, take appropriate safety precautions. In addition to what we already mentioned, this includes:

• Bringing a friend along
• Not hiking too late in the day so you don’t end up in total darkness
• Sticking to well-maintained and clearly marked trails you’re comfortable with

Whether you need tips on how to hike safely when you visit Mammoth or you’re on the hunt for stylish Mammoth logo wear, stop by and see the friendly team at Mammoth Bound, where you’ll get exceptional service and great advice from the people who know Mammoth best. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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