Where to Swim Near Mammoth Lakes

Coming to Mammoth Lakes to escape the summer heat?

If you said yes then you’ll have plenty of options. You can hike a summit or simply sit in the mountain air, but one of the Mammoth Bound team’s favorite ways to chill out during summer is by swimming in one of the alpine lakes we’re lucky to live next to.

To help you do the same, we’ve listed a short guide to the best places to swim near Mammoth Lakes. Read all about it before visiting this summer, then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on lodging and activities in Mammoth Lakes!

Horseshoe Lake

You don’t have to go far to find natural swimming options in Mammoth Lakes.

Horseshoe Lake is at the end of the Lakes Basin, which means it’s accessible by car, bike, or foot thanks to the paved path that runs from the heart of Mammoth Lakes throughout the area.

There are several lakes in the area that are perfect for sightseeing and fishing, but Horseshoe Lake’s sandy beaches and clear water set it apart for swimming. Although the Lake’s size and depth diminish over summer due to dry weather, you’ll still enjoy a perfect place for swimming and having fun in the sun!

On top of that, there is unique geography in the area due to natural carbon dioxide from years ago which killed many trees near the shore.

Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the area since it allows boating, fishing, swimming, and just about anything in between.

Crowley Lake visitors will enjoy views of the surrounding peaks, plenty of shoreline to call their own, and unique geography along with plenty of water for swimming. Still, we should note that the boating and fishing in Crowley Lake can result in more debris and waves than other lakes in the area.

Convict Lake

Convict Lake is one of the most scenic views in the entire Mammoth Lakes area, which makes it a beautiful place to swim or do just about anything else.

The stunning views of the mountains, the pristine lake, and developed areas like the marina and resort means that there’s something for everyone to do at Convict Lake. Of course, it’s a beautiful place to swim as well if you can brave the cold water. There is also a beginner friendly trail that leads around the entire lake in case you want to stay dry!

June Lake

 June Lake has all the beauty of the other lakes on this list, but it also offers comfortable beaches to go along with it!

June Lake is just north of Mammoth Lakes and home to an incredible ski resort and other developed attractions. However, during the summer June Lake is filled with people fishing for trout, swimming in the clear water, or simply enjoying the mountain air. No matter what you decide to do at June Lake, you’ll see something pretty!

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