Where to Find Food, WIFI, and Ski-Patrol Stations at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth wifi

The best days on the mountain are the ones where you think of nothing other than which turn you’re going to make next. As great as it feels to be present and immersed in your ride though, it’s not always beneficial to your day overall.

For example, if you’re riding with friends or family members of different skill levels your group may separate as people head towards the runs they want to ride. At the end of the day when you’re trying to regroup though, you’ll be lost if your phone doesn’t get good service on the mountain. It would help to know where you can find WIFI quickly, but if you’ve only been thinking about your next turn then you probably have no idea where there’s free WIFI.

To help you stay focused on your turns but still know where useful places are all over Mammoth, we’ve put together a guide to all of Mammoth Mountain’s nice-to-know information below. Prepare for your day at Mammoth by taking a screenshot of the guide below!

Where to Eat On the Mountain

This year Mammoth has added several bars, coffee shops, and restaurants to their roster of on- mountain dining options. If you want to eat, drink, or just sit with an incredible view of the mountain without leaving it, then you’re sure to find somewhere at either of the three lodges at the base of the mountain.

If you’re not near one of the lodges, then make your way to the bottom of Chair 4 to The Lunchbox for a cheesesteak, the summit for a scenic lunch at Eleven53 Cafe, McCoy station for lunch and drinks, the bottom of chair 2 for some barbecue at The Mill, or if you’re all the way on the backside of the mountain you can stop at the Outpost for a beer and lunch.

Where to Find Ski Patrol Stations

If you need non-emergency medical attention or any other help while on Mammoth Mountain, you can find ski patrol stations at any of the three base lodges. If you’re far away from the lodges, you can also find ski patrol stations at the following locations.

  • Top of Chair 22 and 25
  • Top of High Five Express
  • Top of the Panorama Gondola
  • Top of Facelift Express

Even if you don’t have an emergency, keep an eye out for Mammoth Mountain ski patrollers.
You might just see one of Mammoth’s Patrol Dogs!

Where to Find WIFI On the Mountain

Whether it’s to get in touch with the rest of your group or to send out a video of the best run of the day, WIFI can be a huge help on the mountain when your phone isn’t working correctly. There are only a few places to find WIFI on Mammoth mountain, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Eleven53 Café
  • McCoy Marketplace
  • The Mill

If you’re able to leave the mountain, then you can also find WIFI at the Starbucks on Main Street.

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