Videos: The Best Way to Break in New Ski or Snowboard Boots

There are many ways that a day on the snow can go wrong, but you might never expect what causes people to end days early most often. It’s not the weather, snow, or long lift lines, but uncomfortable ski and snowboard boots.

Skis and snowboards may get all the attention when it comes to gear, but every movement you make while skiing or snowboarding passes through your boots. Of course, that means that if your boots are too small, too big, or yet to be broken in then every move you make while skiing or snowboarding could be painful and even cause you to crash.

We want everyone who visits Mammoth Mountain to have an unforgettable day instead of one they wish they could forget, so we’ve listed a few tips on how to break in new ski and snowboard boots below. Check it out before buying your next set of ski or snowboard boots!

Bring the Heat (Molding)

One of the best advantages to buying new ski and snowboard boots is that their inner liners have yet to mold to anyone else’s foot. It may seem insignificant at first, but being the first person to use a boot matters because the liners are designed to mold to the shape of a foot when pressure and heat are applied.

You can fit your boots to your foot perfectly by simply using them, but you can speed up the process and avoid any initial discomfort by taking advantage of heat molding. Heat molding is as simple as applying heat to inner liners with a special machine while you stand in them, but the difference between using a heat molded boot and brand-new one is night and day.

If you buy your new boots from a ski shop, ask them if they offer heat molding. Most shops offer heat molding with a boot package, but if you buy online then you can also do it at home.
Check out these videos on heat molding ski and snowboard boots before you try!

How To Custom Mold Ski Boots

Skiing: How to Custom Mold Ski Boot Liners


How To Custom Mold Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding: How to Custom Mold Snowboard Boot Liners


Don’t Rely on Walking in Your Boots at Home

The easiest way to break in a set of ski or snowboard boots is by simply wearing them around your house, so it has become the most common way. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how many laps you do around your house in your new boots, the best way to break in your boots is by using them on the mountain.

Wearing your boots around your house will loosen the liner up and start the process, but for your boots to be completely broken in you must also work the hard outer shell of your boot as well. You’ll have a hard time stressing and flexing the stiff outer part of your boots by simply walking around your house, so don’t expect them to be broken in when you get to the mountain if that’s all you do.

If you like the way your boots look and feel on you, then wear them around the house all you’d like but don’t expect to skip over breaking them in by wearing them at home alone!

Your Socks Matter When You Break in New Ski or Snowboard Boots

You may be tempted to wear thick socks that keep your feet warm, but wearing thin socks will make a world of difference when breaking in your new ski or snowboard boots as well as anytime you’re skiing or snowboarding.

Friction between your foot and boot is what causes blisters and sores while skiing and snowboarding, and there’s never more friction than while breaking in a new set of boots. For that reason, we recommend wearing thin socks that keep the friction to a minimum while also keeping your feet warm and dry.

If you are not interested in buying your own gear, you can always rent your gear here.

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