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There’s nothing better than sharing our beautiful home of Mammoth Lakes. However, until COVID-19 is contained, sharing our home could put visitors and locals alike in danger.

No one can say when or if things will go back to how they were before COVID-19, so for now the only way to visit Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain is by being informed about COVID-19 and what the region is doing to prevent the spread. Keeping up with COVID-19 news is difficult enough, but doing so for a small mountain town like Mammoth Lakes may seem impossible. To help you, we’ve listed the best resources to get Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes COVID-19 news below. Check them out ahead of your visit to protect yourself and those lucky enough to call Mammoth Lakes home!

Mammoth Lakes Responsible Travel Page

For information on how the town of Mammoth Lakes is handling COVID-19, start your search on the Mammoth Lakes page for Responsible Travel.

This site caters specifically to visitors, so most of its information is focused on answering questions Mammoth Lakes visitors might have. Mammoth Lakes gets millions of visitors every year, so there is a lot of information on the responsible travel page. However, the information is clearly grouped into categories that represent the most common things people do when they visit Mammoth Lakes. As a result, you’ll have an easy time finding the answer to your Mammoth Lakes COVID-19 questions. You’ll also find plenty of other great information on visiting Mammoth, making this site a must visit for anyone planning a trip to Mammoth Lakes!

Mammoth Mountain’s Guide to the 20/21 Season

If skiing or snowboarding are your main concern, then you must read Mammoth Mountain’s guide to the 20/21 season.

Like just about everything else, it was unclear how COVID-19 would affect people’s ability to ski and snowboard. Fortunately, the operators at Mammoth Mountain have put together a detailed but easy to follow plan to have a safe winter. For example, information on topics like Mammoth Mountain’s mask policy and capacity limits will be found here. Of course, COVID-19 rules and practices change as we learn more about the virus and how to protect people from it, but if you check Mammoth Mountain’s Guide to the 20/21 Season then you’ll at least have the most up-to-date information as it is the first place that Mammoth Mountain posts updates to its COVID policies.

Mono County’s Coronavirus Response Page

Although Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain each have their own COVID-19 policies, the place where most of their direction comes from is Mono County. That’s why you should check Mono County’s Coronavirus Response Page if you want to see the policies and data that will affect your trip the most.

Unlike the other sites on this list, you can find hard data for Mono County and COVID-19 that will explain why certain policies are in place. Plus, you’ll find news about county announcements and policies before they take effect on the county and all the places in it. That’s not all though, Mono County’s Coronavirus Response page also lists several reliable social media accounts that you can follow to stay informed about the latest Mammoth Lakes COVID-19 news!

California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy

Lastly, if you want to see the big picture behind the COVID-19 policies in Mammoth Lakes, then check out California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Although the information here is broad, you can find details about how specific businesses and other operations are required to operate in Mono County based on the tier classifications.

If you’re about to head mammoth bound, check out the live cams for mountain and road conditions.

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