The Best Bars in Mammoth Lakes

It doesn’t matter if it’s next to a wood burning stove during a blizzard or a summer bonfire under the stars, one of the best ways to end a day in Mammoth Lakes is with an excellent drink.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet glass of wine with a view or a place to get a beer with your friends, Mammoth Lakes has plenty of bars that will meet your needs. Always make sure to drink responsibly and take advantage of Mammoth Lake’s excellent public transportation provided by the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority. Check out our list of the best bars in Mammoth Lakes and plan your night out today!

Liberty Sports Bar and Grill

Liberty Sports Bars in MammothWhen you come to Mammoth Lakes it is difficult to ignore the scenic beauty of the Eastern Sierras because it’s on display everywhere you look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a game while you’re here.

Out of all the bars in Mammoth Lakes, Liberty Sports Bar and Grill is the best suited place to watch any sporting event that you can’t miss even when you’re on vacation. While the TV’s and pub food served at Liberty are excellent, it wouldn’t be a bar if they were not paired with great drinks, and Liberty does not disappoint thanks to their selection of craft cocktails, wine, and draft beer.



Gomez Mammoth LakesSome bars serve a little bit of everything, and while Gomez’s has plenty of variety on their menu there is no doubt about what they specialize in.

Gomez’s is a full restaurant with great Mexican food, but when you visit it will be hard to ignore their diverse selection of tequilas and tequila inspired drinks. From new takes on classics like their Mayan Mule and Tequila Old Fashioned, to their nine different margaritas (including their famous Mammoth Margarita) there is a tequila at Gomez’s for everyone. Even if you’re not in the mood for tequila, Gomez’s has something for you thanks to their large selection of draft and bottled beer and their sangria.


Mammoth Brewing Company

Mammoth Lakes Restaurants with a ViewMany people obsess over their beer the same way Gomez’s does over tequila. If that’s you, then you’ll find everything you need at Mammoth Brewing Company.

Since they’ve been brewing in Mammoth Lakes since 1995, the crew at Mammoth Brewery knows a thing or two about Mammoth and it shows in their year-round and seasonal taps. Even though you’ll find plenty to do at Mammoth Brewery thanks to events like trivia night, you can also check out the Mammoth Brewery tasting room and get the inside scoop on each beer on tap and take a few home for yourself.



Skadi Bars in MammothWe’ve covered sports, tequila, and beer, but what about wine?

For one of the best wine lists in Mammoth Lakes, visit Skadi. Skadi is an intimate restaurant that is serious about wine and fine dining. In fact, when you walk in you’ll see the kitchen and their wine stored on the back wall immediately due to the size of the restaurant. Although Skadi’s is a small restaurant, their wine selection is huge and they know enough about each wine to create excellent pairings.

Wine isn’t all they do though, as Skadi’s is home to excellent fine dining that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Mammoth Lakes due to the chef’s culinary heritage. Chef Ian Algerøen’s Norwegian heritage is the dominating flavor in Skadi’s food, but you’ll find flavors from all over Europe creatively incorporated into the food, making for one of the most unique dining experiences in Mammoth.



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