Mountain Biking Trails in Mammoth Lakes

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As if Mammoth Mountain didn’t stay busy enough thanks to one of the longest ski seasons in North America, it is also home to incredible mountain biking trails that attract riders from all over the world in the summer.

Mammoth Mountain’s Bike Park is big enough to handle large crowds, but it’s not the only place to mountain bike in Mammoth Lakes. Due to all the mountain biking options you have when visiting, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite trails in the Mammoth Lakes area and broken them down here. Remember, these are only a few trails in the area. To find the trail that’s perfect for you, you’ll need to visit for a day, or a summer, to ride them all!

At Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Exploring the mountain biking trails outside of Mammoth Mountain is an excellent adventure into the Eastern Sierra wilderness, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Not only is it easily accessible from Mammoth Lakes, but using ski lifts, the gondola, and a shuttle to get up the mountain gives you more time to ride. Plus, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park has trails and features that are friendly to riders of all skill levels and abilities.

Here are just a few of the awesome trails at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.

Mammoth Bike Park

Twilight Zone

Mammoth Mountain pulls out all the stops on Twilight Zone to make it one of the most technical (also read as fun) trails on the mountain.

Twilight Zone’s location on the lower part of the mountain lets it cut through trees that add an extra element of fun, but what makes this trail stand out are the raised wooden beams and platforms that allow riders to hammer turns at high speeds and catch air as they drop off back down to the trail.

Off The Top

Although Off The Top doesn’t have the most exciting features or steep decline, the experience of taking the gondola to the summit and riding for miles above the tree line with nothing but views of the Eastern Sierra mountains surrounding you is a can’t miss experience.

Whether Off The Top is just your warm-up or it’s what you’ve been working towards being able to ride, do it at least once while you’re riding Mammoth Mountain.


If speed is your thrill, then Kamikaze is the trail for you.

Kamikaze has been one of the most popular runs on Mammoth Mountain for decades because it takes the summit trailhead of Off The Top and replaces the mellow trail with a steep fire road that shoots you down 2,000 vertical feet to the base of the mountain. You won’t find many technical features here, but in terms of pure fun Kamikaze is one of the best trails on the mountain.

Skid Marks

Skid Marks is another trail accessible from the summit, but it stands out due to the challenge it provides through terrain alone.

While other trails are challenging because of built-in features, Skid Marks is located above the tree line and the Mammoth Mountain team has left it mostly untouched. The result is a steep, rocky trail full of switchbacks that forces you to weave through rocks at speed.


Away From Mammoth Mountain


Near Mammoth Mountain, Mountain View Trail is a 5.3-mile trail that descends from Minaret Vista all the way down to Mammoth Lakes and the Earthquake fault. This trail’s location and distance make it an ideal place to mountain bike, but be prepared to pedal as it is a cross country trail.


Lower Rock Creek is one of the most popular mountain biking trails off Mammoth Mountain thanks to the amount of terrain it offers, its accessibility, and the technical features that appeal to most skill levels.

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