What’s New On the 2022/23 Ikon Pass?

What’s New On the 2022/23 Ikon Pass?

The seasons may change, but the love we all share for skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain doesn’t.

Still, how we get to Mammoth Mountain changes with the seasons if you ride on the Ikon Pass. Mammoth Bound’s goal is to help people enjoy our home by offering the best lodging, gear, and rental deals in Mammoth Lakes. Since the Ikon Pass is one of the best ways to save on Mammoth Mountain lift tickets, we’ve listed the most important additions to the 2022/23 Ikon Pass below!

Check it out, then find the best discounts on lodging, gear, and rentals in Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound!

Three New Mountains to Ski and Ride

When you get to ride all of Mammoth Mountain’s terrain, you may not feel like you need more. If you’re always looking to explore new mountains though, then the Ikon Pass has you covered with the addition of thousands of new skiable acres.

For North American skiers and snowboarders, the Ikon has added Snowbasin in Utah and Sun Valley in Idaho.  We should note that both mountains will only be available under the full Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Plus Pass while unavailable on the Ikon Base Pass and Ikon Session Pass.


In terms of acreage, the largest addition to the Ikon Pass is the addition of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley in France. Chamonix has long been paradise for anyone who loves mountains, and now full Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass, and Ikon Base Pass owners will be able to ski and snowboard there as well.

If you visit Chamonix, we recommend scheduling a few extra days since the pass actually covers several mountains spread out over the entire valley! 

Mammoth Mountain is No Longer on the Mountain Collective

Another major change to the 2022/23 Ikon Pass is that the Ikon is the only multi-mountain pass that will offer access to Mammoth Mountain.

Previously Mammoth was also a part of the Mountain Collective pass, but this year the only way to access Mammoth other than lift tickets or a season pass through the mountain will be with the Ikon. 

Fortunately, each version of the Ikon offers unlimited access to Mammoth Mountain except for the Session Pass and on blackout dates determined by your pass tier.

Ikon Passes Go on Sale March 10th 2022

You’ll save the most money if you buy the Ikon Pass when it is first sold during spring of the season before the one you’re buying for, so March 10th should be marked on your calendar!

As the 2022/23 season gets closer the price of the Ikon will increase, so make sure to purchase or renew the pass that’s right for you as soon as possible!

How to Tell Which Ikon Pass Tier is Right For You

Even though you’re saving money on Mammoth Mountain lift tickets with the Ikon Pass, purchasing one is still a considerable investment so we want you to make the right choice for your needs.

Considering that there are four different tiers to dozens of mountains, that can be a tall task though.

For that reason, we recommend using Ikon’s pass comparison tool to see what each pass tier offers to every mountain. While the different tiers, blackout dates, and mountains may sound confusing now we promise that they will make more sense when you see them laid out side by side!

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