What’s Happening at Mammoth Mountain on Closing Weekend?

What’s Happening at Mammoth Mountain on Closing Weekend?

If it were anywhere else, the end of the ski season wouldn’t be something to celebrate. When you’re surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, and trails to access all of it with an incredible community to support you as you do so, the end of the ski season is something to celebrate.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Mammoth Mountain this year during closing weekend, and the team at Mammoth Bound wants you to be there to enjoy it! To help you plan your closing weekend in Mammoth Lakes, the Mammoth Bound team has listed what’s going on in town below.

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Join the Mammoth Yacht Club 

Mammoth Mountain is currently scheduled to close on Memorial Day weekend, which means you’ll have an extra day to enjoy the last of winter and the first of summer sunshine in the mountains!

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If that’s not enough on its own, then Mammoth Mountain has a unique way for you to celebrate the end of winter.

There may be many lakes in Mammoth Lakes, but there aren’t any yachts. You may be confused as to what the Mammoth Yacht Club is then. Fortunately, you don’t need a yacht to join the club. All you need is a love for Mammoth Mountain and plenty of energy to let it out with.

The Mammoth Yacht Club is a weekend of sea-themed parties, giveaways, and costumes that will cover the areas of the mountain that are still open. For example, Yächtley Crëw, or “The Titans of Soft Rock” as they call themselves, will be playing at Main Lodge on May 28th.

On top of that there will be several giveaways and contests for anyone who makes it to the mountain. Don’t forget your costume so you can be a part of the fun! For more information about closing day activities, follow Mammoth Mountain on Instagram for the latest on contests and events!

The Last Run of the Season

The last run of the season will take place on May 30th. Details will be shared before so that everyone who wants to participate can!

Don’t Forget to Hike and Bike 

You don’t have to just stick to Mammoth Mountain to have fun on closing weekend.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

By late May many of the trails and roads running through the mountain should be open for hiking, biking, and running, so get an early start on your fitness or outdoor adventure goals for the summer by getting into the mountains this Memorial Day!

No matter what your outdoor sport is, you can probably do it in Mammoth Lakes, so start planning your trip today!

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