What You Need to Know about Mammoth Lakes Weather Events

Mammoth weather

When there is so much fun to be had around Mammoth Lakes after a snowfall, it’s easy to forget that a snow storm is a serious weather event that brings danger as well as fun.

If you’re traveling to Mammoth Lakes, then you should be aware of the what type of specific weather could put your plans on hold. Check out our simple guide to weather in Mammoth Lakes so you’re never caught off guard and book your trip today!


You’ll often see the fact that Mammoth Mountain averages 300 days of sunshine every year, but have you wondered how a place can have months of sunshine and incredible amounts of snow at the same time?

The answer is that when it snows in Mammoth Lakes, it means business. Not every storm will complicate travel plans, but you can bet on a few throughout the winter season that will close down roads and even Mammoth Mountain. You should always travel with chains in your car that you are comfortable installing when driving to Mammoth Lakes in the winter along with a shovel, extra blankets, food, and water in case you get stuck in the snow while on the road.

Serious storms can also close down Mammoth Mountain and other ski resorts in the area due to wind and avalanche danger, so if you’ll be in town during a serious storm have a backup plan in case you get snowed in.

To monitor winter storms, road closures, and flight delays or cancellations, use the links below.

Caltrans Quick Map

The Quick Map is a live map that shows closures, traffic, and other information on all California state roads. Select the chain control, full closures, and Waze alerts options in the Mammoth Lakes area when a storm hits for road closure information. Visit quickmap.dot.ca.gov

Current US Highway 395 Conditions Feed

You’ll find detailed information about what you need to safely and legally travel to Mammoth Lakes like tire, chains, and off-road requirements on the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) page. The most important road to keep an eye on is SR 203. SR 203 is the main road that leads from Route 395 to Mammoth Lakes, so if there is a closure or a chain control on it you must prepare appropriately. Visit dot.ca.gov

Real Time Flight Tracker & Airport Delays

If you’re flying to Mammoth, then a winter storm could stop your trip from ever getting off the ground. Once you open the real time flight tracker & airport delays page, you will have the

option to check on the status of all arriving and departing flights, their flight numbers, destinations, departure points, and specific details about their status like schedules and aircraft type. Visit tracker.flightview.com

Wind and All Other Weather

Mammoth Lakes can also be extremely windy, so if you’re visiting, especially to ski or snowboard, you’ll need to keep an eye on the wind to be prepared. We’ve listed a few links below to sites where you can monitor winds and all other Mammoth Lakes weather.

Howard Sheckter’s Mammoth Weather

Howard is a Mammoth Lakes local who updates his site daily with detailed condition reports as well as forecasts for the rest of the day. His forecasts aren’t only for the mountain either, as Howard’s site is also home to forecasts for several areas near Mammoth Lakes. Visit mammothweather.com

Mammoth Lakes National Weather Service Page

On the National Weather Service’s page dedicated to Mammoth Lakes, you’ll find important information like wind speed and visibility as well as detailed daily and nightly forecasts. Visit www.weather.gov

Read more about Mammoth Lakes weather reports and forecast here

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