Best Sites to Check Mammoth Lakes Weather Reports and Forecasts

Mammoth Lakes Weather Report

How does a town that’s only 4 square miles attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year?

Mammoth Lakes may only be 4 square miles, but it’s surrounded by 3 million acres of national parks and forests full of spectacular mountains, lakes, and other natural spectacles. The stunning amount of natural beauty to take in means that Mammoth Lakes visitors spend most of their waking hours outdoors, so you need to know where to find Mammoth Lakes weather forecasts before your visit.

If you’re a visitor looking to spend some quality time outside before returning back to your city or you’re lucky enough to be a Mammoth Lakes local and want to learn more about local weather patterns, check out our guide to Mammoth Lakes weather reports and forecasts below!

The National Weather Service’s Mammoth Lakes Page

If you’re looking for a simple but reliable report on Mammoth Lakes weather, then the National Weather Service’s page dedicated to Mammoth Lakes should be your first stop.

The National Weather Service has enough data, maps, and forecasts for you to read all day long, but that’s all you’ll find here. If you’re a numbers kind of person who doesn’t need videos, images, or discussions about Mammoth Lakes weather then this site’s simple layout and clear data should be bookmarked for your trip!


Mammoth Mountain Snow and Weather Report

Mammoth Lakes Weather Reports

If you’re traveling to Mammoth Lakes to explore Mammoth Mountain’s 3,500+ acres of skiable terrain, then Mammoth Mountain’s own snow and weather report will give you the information you need.

With daily reports on conditions, total snowfall numbers ranging from 24 to 72 hours, and an impressive collection of snow records reaching all the way back to the 1969/70 season, Mammoth Mountain’s snow report page has everything you need to prepare for your day on the mountain. Mammoth Mountain’s snow and weather report also helps you plan how you’ll get to the mountain by providing road condition and closure information.


Mammoth Mountain Snowman

Mammoth Lakes Weather Reports

If you’re interested in a local’s take on Mammoth Lakes weather, particularly winter weather, then Mammoth Mountain Snowman is a great source for daily weather reports, videos, and forecasts.

During the winter you’ll find snowfall focused forecasts complete with accumulation predictions, radar and satellite images, and even videos of current conditions throughout town. Although the Mammoth Mountain Snowman’s coverage slows down during the off-season, his Facebook page is a great source for local information beyond the weather like Mammoth Lakes events and discussion in the comment sections. Plus, the Mammoth Mountain Snowman often shares useful coupons that can be used all around Mammoth Lakes!


Howard Sheckter’s Mammoth Weather

Howard Sheckter is another Mammoth Lakes local who provides weather reports with detailed forecasts, current conditions, and access to resources like satellite and radar feeds year-round.

Every morning in Mammoth Lakes you can listen to Howard broadcast his weather reports live over the radio. If you need a forecast at another time though, he updates his site daily with detailed condition reports for Mammoth Lakes and for several areas nearby.

Howard Sheckter’s Mammoth Lakes weather site offers more than just numbers also, as his reports go into detail about what is causing the weather further than any other site. Howard’s attention to detail means he knows when the best conditions for perfect powder are, and even offers an alert service that lets subscribers know when the perfect powder is falling on Mammoth Lakes.


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