What You Shouldn’t Wear when You Ski

What Not to Wear When Skiing in Mammoth, CA

There’s something to be said for being fashionable and stylish during the winter season. However, there are some colder-season activities, such as skiing, that require a more practical and functional approach to choosing what to wear. We point you in the right direction below by going over things to avoid wearing when skiing.

Earmuffs or Headbands

These ear coverings certainly look great when you’re out shopping, dining, or exploring. But with skiing, you’ll be much more comfortable and safe with a properly fitting ski helmet. Plus, helmets do a much better job at preventing serious head injuries from falls than earmuffs or headbands do.


Leave the trendy shades at home and go with goggles instead when planning your ski trip. Sunglasses won’t do much to keep out the frosty air that will whip across your eyes as you cut through fresh powder. The resulting watery eyes could affect your vision or even give you an unpleasant headache from the sudden cold exposure. Goggles provide better protection from cold air and any debris that may get near your eyes.


A scarf can easily get caught on part of the ski lift or on something you ski past, such as a tree branch. This is why it’s common to see warnings about loose clothing and equipment posted around ski lifts and other areas close to the slopes. What’s more, a rapidly blowing scarf could end up blocking your vision if it gets wrapped around your face. A safer way to keep your neck warm while skiing is to wear a neck gaiter, which is essentially a long fabric tube that fits around your neck. You can find gaiters, beanies, and other skiing accessories at many of the shops that offer Mammoth ski rental.

Mittens Made of Cotton or Wool

Cotton and wool mittens may give you some protection on cool days when you’re just walking around outside. However, these hand coverings won’t be as appreciated when you’re dealing with much colder temperatures, rushing winds, or moisture from snow. Prevent potential issues with hypothermia by going with mittens or gloves specifically designed for skiing. These are insulated and usually have moisture-wicking capabilities to maintain optimal warmth and dryness.


Jeans can provide warmth on cold days. However, they can also get really heavy and cold when they’re soaked with wet snow, and if you should take a tumble while skiing, which happens even to experienced skiers, you could end up feeling extremely uncomfortable for the rest of your day. You’ll be much better off with moisture-proof insulated ski pants designed to keep you comfortable and dry as you enjoy your ski getaway.

Pea Coats (or Any Cloth Coats)

Finally, we advise against opting for a trendy wool pea coat or anything else that’s not a ski jacket. Cloth coats can easily get wet, heavy, and uncomfortable while skiing, much like what happens with jeans. You’ll have a much better time skiing if you wear a durable warm ski jacket along with some extra layers if it’s really cold.

Skiers can have a blast on the slopes at Mammoth if they plan ahead and make sure they have all the right clothing and gear. Whether they need accessories or ski rental in Mammoth, visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for high-quality service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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