The Best Way to Visit Mammoth Lakes on a Budget During the Summer

The Best Way to Visit Mammoth Lakes on a Budget During the Summer

One of the best parts of doing anything outside is that it can be cheap! Afterall, most of the public lands that surround Mammoth Lakes are free and open to the public.

However, if you’re doing something within a resort like mountain biking at Mammoth Mountain or that you need to buy gear for such as backpacking through the Eastern Sierra, the costs can quickly add up. Mammoth Bound exists to help people enjoy our beautiful home of Mammoth Lakes, so we’ve listed what you need to know to save money while visiting Mammoth Lakes during the summer below!

Read our budget friendly Mammoth Lakes tips, then start saving money by planning your visit to Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound!

Stay or Camp Outside Mammoth Lakes

During the summer, everyone wants to be in Mammoth Lakes thanks to our beautiful mountains, lakes, and community that gives you everything you need to enjoy them. However, all the demand can make it difficult to find a camping spot or lodgings.

If you don’t mind a drive up or down beautiful Highway 395, then staying or camping outside of Mammoth Lakes is a great way to save money without dealing with high demand. For example, you could stay near June Lake and visit Mammoth Lakes easily, or if you’re camping then you could find a dispersed camping area outside of town and stay for free.

Lastly, if you don’t mind a longer drive then you can stay in a town further away. For example, Lee Vining is closer to Mono Lake than Mammoth and offers lodging and camping options. Then there is Bishop which is further away but also has its own attractions that will keep you going in between day trips to Mammoth Lakes. 

Find Rental Deals at Gear Retailers

With the amount of outdoor gear sellers and renters here in Mammoth Lakes, the consumer has the advantage of competition on their side which is why you can find great rental deals all around town to save money!

For example, ASO Mammoth offers a discount on rented fishing gear if you pre-register for your rental online before coming into their shop. They also offer weekday deals on gear and rentals to reward you for visiting while the crowds are still at home, so take advantage of their deals and any other rental deal you can find in Mammoth Lakes and save!

Enjoy Happy Hours Around Town

Resort towns like Mammoth Lakes revolve around happy hour and après ski deals during the winter when tired skiers and snowboarders are hungry for refreshment and great deals, and that doesn’t stop during the summer months.

Chances are that if a restaurant is open anytime between dinner and lunch in Mammoth Lakes then they have a happy hour deal that’s perfect for anyone coming in from a long day outside, so take advantage and save on your meals!

Find Free Scenic Attractions for Any Outdoor Sport

Even though the gear you need to explore the outdoors isn’t free, getting out on simple hikes and other outdoor activities is.

For example, driving or hiking up to Minaret Vista doesn’t require much more than a little knowledge and active clothing and footwear. Neither does walking around Convict Lake or planting a camping chair next to a lake in the Lakes Basin. Still, these outdoor outings will make anyone fall in love with being outside with Mammoth Lakes at little cost, so what are you waiting for?

Plan your trip to Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound today!

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