The Best Places to Work Remotely in Mammoth Lakes

The Best Places to Work Remotely in Mammoth Lakes

Here at Mammoth Bound we’ve known how lucky we are to live and work in Mammoth Lakes for a long time, but with remote work becoming more common and popular just about everyone wants the ability to work remotely in Mammoth Lakes.

To help you find an office with a view, the Mammoth Bound team has put together a list of the best places to work remotely in Mammoth Lakes. Find your perfect remote work location below, find the best lodging and rental deals in Mammoth Lakes with Mammoth Bound, and then visit Mammoth Lakes!

Black Velvet Coffee

If all you need is something delicious to drink, WIFI, and a place to sit for your remote work office, then Black Velvet Coffee is one of the best options in Mammoth Lakes.

Black Velvet Coffee - Visit Mammoth

Not only does Black Velvet have excellent coffee, other drinks, and reliable WIFI, but their central location is easy to reach via car, public transit, or bike. Plus, you’ll be close to other places you may need to visit during your trip to Mammoth Lakes like the grocery store, ski and snowboard shops, and restaurants. 

Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. 

Cozy & convenient is the best way to describe this place! Famous for their delicious donuts and coffees they also boast a cozy dining area complete with wifi, warm fireplace, and tables and chairs a-plenty for all your working and meeting needs.

Friendly staff will welcome you and show you all the delicious menu options. Not only is this a great place to focus and call your “office” for the day, this location is extremely convenient as it is close to nearby restaurants, shops, Vons, convenience stores, and even our friends at ASOMammmoth so you can jump off that call and jump onto the mountain suited up in the best gear possible in a flash and with ease! Need a hoodie or Mammoth memorabilia to take home with you? MammothBound and other great brands are available at ASOMammoth!

Stellar Brew

Just like Black Velvet, Stellar Brew offers incredible coffee and drinks in a convenient location, but what sets Stellar Brew apart is their emphasis on natural food options that will satisfy anyone.

STELLAR BREW & NATURAL CAFE, Mammoth Lakes - Menu, Prices & Restaurant  Reviews - Tripadvisor

Besides their vegan and vegetarian food and drink options, Stellar Brew also has comfortable outdoor seating for when the weather turns warm so that you can work and enjoy Mammoth Lakes’ mountain air!

The Fort 

If you need a more traditional office setting to work successfully, then The Fort may be the best choice for you.

Is Your Office Ski-In Ski-Out? The Fort at Mammoth, CA Announces Ikon Pass  Partnership - SnowBrains

The Fort is a co-working space located in the heart of Mammoth Lakes with desks, great WIFI, and a business minded community of members who are as passionate about enjoying Mammoth Lakes as they are their careers. Thanks to its thoughtful design, The Fort is a great place to dedicate your focus to work or engage with the community of remote workers in Mammoth Lakes. 

Station 81

Station 81 is another excellent co-working space dedicated to giving remote workers all the resources they need to accomplish their goals so they can enjoy everything that attracts people to Mammoth Lakes from around the world.

What are the Best Places to Work Remotely in Mammoth Lakes?

Whether you’re visiting during summer, winter, or anything in between, Station 81 has fantastic views of the mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes. On top of that, Station 81 is located near several convenient stops on the public transit lines as well as businesses like the grocery store and ski shops.

In fact, Station 81 is located above ASO Mammoth, a ski and snowboard shop that offers some of the best rentals and gear in Mammoth Lakes year-round. That means that you can work in the morning, book your rentals in the afternoon, and head to the snow at Mammoth Mountain all in one day!  

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