The Best Lifts and Trails to Ride on a Mammoth Mountain Powder Day

The Best Lifts and Trails to Ride on a Mammoth Mountain Powder Day

Skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain can feel dreamy on a regular day, but after a storm drops fluffy powder on our slopes riding here is a dream.

Whether you like powder because it makes it possible to ride steep and technical off-piste terrain or because it makes the groomed runs more forgiving, Mammoth Bound’s guide to the best trails and lifts for Mammoth Mountain powder days will get you exactly where you need to be. Check it out, and then save on lodging, lift tickets, and rentals by booking your Mammoth Mountain trip with Mammoth Bound today!

The Hemlocks 

Powder days can make anyone feel invincible thanks to the forgiving snow and soft landings you’ll find all over the mountain, and if you want to take complete advantage of it then there is no better place to start than The Hemlocks.

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The Hemlocks are a backcountry style terrain park that combines natural features with steep slopes. Even on a powder day, The Hemlocks are for experts only, so ride here with caution. If you can ride The Hemlocks safely though, then the only thing that will be able to keep you from doing it over and over again is the hike to get to the top of the ridge!

Chair 23

Chair 23 accesses some of the most extreme terrain at Mammoth Mountain thanks to its proximity to the summit and chutes near the end of the summit ridge. For that reason, it’s a favorite of anyone who wants to ride fast, technical terrain, and when there is powder on the mountain those runs are even more fun.

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The steeps slopes and high winds make snow on trails like Kiwi Flats, Dropout and Wipeout Chutes, and Paranoid Flats fast and hard, so take advantage of powder while you can if you’re an expert skier or snowboarder!

Chair 12

Just because you’re not ready to ride a black diamond doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on a powder day.

Chair 12’s location helps it be less crowded than other chairs near the base of the mountain while still accessing beginner and intermediate friendly terrain. Although the trails off 12 are all blues, they are a great place for someone who wants to push past green runs to hone their skills and take advantage of the soft snow that covers the mountain after a powder day.

Chair 22 

If steep terrain that mixes cliffs, trees, and other natural features is your favorite place to ride, then there is nowhere better for you than Chair 22 on a powder day.

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Most of the runs available from the top of Chair 22 are double black diamonds, so you’ll need to be on the top of your game to ride here even on a powder day. However, if you have the skills then Grizzly, Shaft, Viva, and Avalanche Chutes are all a blast. To make things even better, Chair 22 is surrounded by beginner and intermediate runs, so most of the people riding this area will not be lining up to ride Chair 22!

High Five Express and Face Lift Express

The black diamonds between High Five Express and Face Lift Express are perfectly located to gather tons of snow while remaining challenging places to ride.

The result?

An advanced rider’s dream on a powder day. Take advantage of the powder while you can because this area will be one of the first to get carved up after heavy snowfall!

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