Should I Rent or Buy Snowboards & Boots?

If you have plans to enjoy a ski getaway soon at an appealing spot like Mammoth Mountain, you may be weighing your rent-versus-buy possibilities with two essential things needed for this particular activity—snowboards and boots. The snow sports experts from Mammoth Bound, where you can find everything from high-quality gaiters to stylish Mammoth t-shirts, approach this debate below by running through what to consider with each of these two snowboarding necessities.


For a beginner, renting is usually recommended. In this instance, if you develop a love for this activity, buying your own board later can be beneficial. But if you’re a more seasoned snowboarder already, you may prefer a board tailored to your preferences. While this may sound pretty simple, there are some other factors to consider as well. Let’s break this one down a bit further.


The cost factor is one of the biggest advantages of renting a snowboard. According to, the average cost of a snowboard can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars for a customized professional board. On the other hand, the average cost of snowboard rental, according to, is around $30 per day. Renting is also something to consider if any of the following factors apply to you:

• You only snowboard occasionally
• You want the ability to try out different styles and designs before buying or upgrading
• You’re getting a board for a child or teen who’s still growing—size and body shape are important snowboard considerations


If you’re an avid or competitive snowboarder, buying a snowboard can certainly be justified. You may also be more amenable to purchasing your own board if you can check off any of the following factors as applying to you:

• You really like the idea of a totally customized snowboard
• Taking your board with you to resorts like Mammoth isn’t too much of an inconvenience
• It’s ultimately cheaper for you to buy, since you regularly snowboard throughout the season

Snowboarding Boots

With boots, it’s easier to make a compelling case for buying over renting. If you purchase your own boots, you’ll likely get a pair that’s more comfortable and supportive. Snowboarding boots for rent are usually based on the foot style that’s most common, which is why they’re usually wider and deeper. On the other side of things, if you’re fairly new to snowboarding or only an occasional boarder, renting boots is a quick and easy way to get what you need.

Renting is also worth considering if snowboarding is only going to be part of what you do during your trip. However, buying your own boots for snowboarding can be a good investment if the following factors apply to you:

• You have more unique foot features
• You have foot-related issues that require added support
• You snowboard on a regular basis 

Snowboarders can have a blast on the slopes at Mammoth if they get the gear that suits their purposes best, whether that means buying boards and boots or renting what they need at the mountain. When they need snowboarding apparel in Mammoth, visitors can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for high-quality service. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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