The Best Hiking Snacks

Hiking through the mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes is an incredible experience that will leave you wanting to see more, but if you don’t have the right hiking snacks then you won’t have the energy to see it all!

That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has made a list of the best hiking snacks to bring on your next hike through the mountains or anywhere else. Keep reading to see the best hiking snacks, and then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on rentals and lodging in Mammoth Lakes! 

Jerky and Dried Fruit

When you’re hiking uphill, at elevation, for miles, each step can feel like a challenge. That’s why you don’t want to add any more weight to what you must carry on your hike other than what you have to.

Hiking snacks can weigh you down, but if they’re dried out then you can get all the value of a food at a fraction of the weight. For example, two bananas will take up space in your pack, weigh you down, and of course they’ll bruise or squish easily. If you cut up two bananas and dehydrate them into chips though, you can easily carry them without having to worry about fitting them in your bag.

The same is true of any fruit or vegetable, and if you want meat then jerky is the same idea.

Nut Butter

Although nut butters may feel heavy when being carried on your back, it makes up for its weight by packing a ton of calories into each bite.

Not only is a nut butter like peanut, almond, or cashew calorie dense, but it’s also extremely adaptable. You can dip fruit and vegetables into it, spread it on a cracker or sandwich, or eat it on its own. The nutritional value and variety make nut butters a must for hikes!

Fruit and Vegetables

If you want a bite of something fresh, then you don’t have to dry your fruit or vegetables out before your hike.

The water in fruit and vegetables makes for a great combination of hydration and nutritional value that every hiker needs. Plus, you can combine other foods with them to make dishes like celery and peanut butter or apples and peanut butter to get the best of both worlds.


Nuts are a great hiking snack since they’re easy to eat, require no preparation, and are dense in nutritional value. On top of that, they’re easy to pack and generally light to carry. Even better, there are a wide variety of nuts with different flavors and textures so that you can find the perfect snack for you.

Crackers and Cookies

Lastly, crackers and cookies are a great choice for hiking snacks since they’re dry, unlikely to spoil, and can be extremely tasty. Many of us have a favorite cookie, chip, or cracker, so bring them along on your next trip so that you have the nutritional and mental boost to power through to the end of your hike!

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