The Best Date Night Spots in Mammoth Lakes

The only thing better than enjoying Mammoth Lakes’ natural beauty is sharing it with someone special. Whether you already have someone in mind or are testing the waters with a new relationship, these Mammoth Lakes date night spots are the perfect place to do just that.

Check out our guide to the best Mammoth Lakes date spots before your visit and then use Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on ski and outdoor gear rentals in Mammoth Lakes. Don’t forget to make your reservations early as some of these restaurants book up far in advance! 


Looking for a unique fine dining experience for your date night? You can’t go wrong with Skadi.

Skadi is a Norwegian inspired restaurant that combines alpine cuisine with incredible ingredients in an intimate setting. If you’re looking for a delicious meal with excellent wine then they have a great wine list that pairs perfectly with their cuisine. Or, if you love food as much as your date then you can request their chef’s counter seating so you can watch the Skadi kitchen perfect your food.

The Restaurant at Convict Lake 

The Restaurant at Convict Lake is one of the Mammoth Lakes area’s most popular fine dining options thanks to its food and incredible setting within the mountains.

Convict Lake is just outside of Mammoth Lakes, but if you don’t mind the short drive then you can make your date night into a full day depending on the season. During the summer and fall you can explore the lake, resort nearby, and the restaurant at night, or you can simply enjoy the fine dining before heading home!

The Mogul

The Mogul stands out since the staff and owners add exceptional hospitality to their fine dining experience.

The great staff and hospitality combine perfectly with the cabin setting and steaks that will make you feel like you’re enjoying the best meal you’ve ever had right at home.


If you’re looking for a date as close to the ski slope as possible, then Petras is the perfect option for you.

Petras is in the Alpenhof Lodge just across from the Village Gondola so that you can spend time in The Village before or after your dinner. On top of the convenient location, Petras has bistro cuisine that pairs perfectly with their extensive wine menu and unique cocktails.

Dos Alas Cubarican Cafe

If you want a low-key date night instead of a fine dining experience, then there isn’t anywhere better than Dos Alas.

They have delicious Cuban cuisine as well as tropical and Puerto Rican food, but the view of the surrounding mountains from the Dos Alas restaurant may be the best part of eating there. It’s a great choice for after a day on the mountain or doing anything else outside thanks to the extremely satisfying food.

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