Electric Charging Stations in Mammoth Lakes

All it takes is one glimpse of the wilderness surrounding Mammoth Lakes to see why protecting the environment should matter to each and every one of us. Whether you drive an electric car for that reason, love not paying for gas, or a combination of the two, our list of Mammoth Lakes electric charging stations will help you do it!

Check out our list for where to find of Mammoth Lakes electric charging stations before your next trip, then visit Mammoth Bound to find the best deals on ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Juniper Springs Resort

Juniper Springs Resort patrons enjoy beautiful scenery, short walks and drives to Mammoth Mountain, and electric charging stations.

These stations are for resort patrons only, so please check with the resort staff before using them.

The Westin Monarch Resort

Like Juniper Springs, the Westin Monarch has a convenient location since it is right next to The Village and its gondola that connects riders to Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge.

The charging stations at the Monarch are also only available to resort patrons.

The Village Lodge 

The Village Lodge is another lodge that offers electric vehicle charging for its patrons. It’s also right next to The Village, so you may not even need to drive while you’re in town!

Mammoth Lakes Supercharger

Tesla has a supercharger with 8 charging slots just off Tavern Road in the heart of Mammoth Lakes. 

80|50 Mammoth

This lot is the best option for public electric vehicle charging in Mammoth Lakes!

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