Tips for Steering on Your Snowboard

How Do You Steer on a Snowboard in Mammoth, CA

“Steering” on a snowboard refers to movements that allow you to turn and control the direction of the board that’s attached to your boots. It’s a process that requires focus, timing, coordination, and proper body motions. If you’re just learning the basics of snowboarding or looking to up your skill level, here’s what you need to know about steering on a snowboard, brought to you by the friendly folks from Mammoth Bound, where you’ll find a great selection of Mammoth gaiters, beanies, t-shirts, and logo wear.

Coordinate Your Body Movements

Steering on a snowboard requires coordinated movements of various parts of your body, from your head down to your toes. With your eyes, focus in the direction you want to go so the rest of your body naturally follows. This also helps you maintain focus. Also with your body movements, pay attention to your:

• Torso – With your mid-body and core area, physically shift in the direction desired. As you do, clench your abs so you naturally shift and make your way down the hill.
• Hips – Generally, your hips need to be centered as you move on your board and shift direction. Avoid leaning too far so you don’t lose your balance and take an unintended tumble.
• Feet and legs – Your feet and legs also need to work together with any board movements. One option with steering is shifting the foot and leg pressure on the edge of your board, referred to as “carving.”

Consider a Setback Stance (for More Advanced Steering)

As we mentioned above, the general way to approach your stance when steering on your snowboard is to stay centered. You can also shift to a setback stance, which means your back binding is closer to the back end of the board. However, this is typically for more advanced movements, but it’s something to keep in mind as you progress.

Initiate, Control, & Finish Your Turns

Steering as you turn on a board initially means simply shifting so you can go right or left as desired. As you continue to work on your steering and turning, however, there are three main steps and stages to be mindful of as you steer and turn:

1. Initiation – Start turns by coordinating movements with your legs, ankles, and feet as you flex, extend, or tip your board based on the type of turn you’re planning to do.

  1. Control – Maintain control on your board as you steer and turn by letting the nose of the board point downward while you hold the edge and go through the imaginary “fall line” of the terrain. Also with board control, you’ll want to: 

  • Maintain balance with your body weight
    • Keep your body still and your back straight
    • Keep your head up
    • Bend your knees slightly
    • Apply slight pressure on your leading leg as you start your turn
    • Press a bit harder with your back leg as you wrap up the turn

  1. Finish – As you finish your turn, ease the extension and flexion of your feet and legs. If the terrain allows you to do so, ride your board flat as you finish. As you get more advanced, you’ll be able to naturally shift into another turn in the other direction.

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