Should I Buy or Rent Skis & Boots?

It’s entirely a personal decision as far as whether or not it’s best to rent or buy ski boots and skis. This being said, there are some key factors to consider as you weigh your options and get ready for some quality time on your preferred freshly powdered terrain. To help you make a well-informed decision, the snow sports experts from Mammoth Bound, where you can find everything from high-quality gaiters to stylish Mammoth t-shirts, present our advice below about renting and buying ski boots and skis.

Ski Boots

An argument can be made that properly fitting ski boots are even more important than the actual skis. After all, if you’re not wearing comfortably fitting, supportive boots, it can be difficult to focus on the finer points of skiing. For this reason, it’s easier to justify investing in a good pair of ski boots specific to what works best for you and your feet. If you’re new to skiing or not an avid skier, it can make sense to rent boots. Plus, if standard sizes are fine for you, rental ski boots can suffice.

When Renting Makes Sense

• You’re a newer skier and not yet committed to it
• You’re fine with wearing standard-sized boots
• Skiing is only part of what you’ll be doing
• You prefer the convenience of getting what you need when you get there

When Buying Is Worth Considering

• You’re an avid skier
• You have foot or ankle issues that require customized boots
• You usually have a hard time finding rental boots that are supportive and comfortable
• You prefer to buy anything involving footwear


With skis, there are advantages that go along with renting and buying for both new and experienced skiers. If you’re new to skiing, renting can be more cost-effective if you’re not yet sure if you’ll be a regular skier. And if you’re a skiing enthusiast and you prefer to really customize your skis with design and style, investing in your own skis makes more sense.

When Renting Makes Sense

• You’re just learning to ski
• You want to try out newer styles and models before buying
• You’ll be traveling a longer distance and you don’t want to lug your skis with you
• Skiing is just one of the wintertime activities you plan to enjoy during your trip

When Buying Is Worth Considering

• You ski frequently throughout the season
• You’re fairly close to your regular ski destination or don’t mind traveling with your skis
• You want the flexibility of skiing for several days without added rental fees
• You prefer to have the ability to customize your skis with added design touches

The Cost Factor

According to, the average cost of renting skis, boots, poles, and bindings for one day is around $40. This is appealing because you can get everything you’ll need for a reasonable price. On the other hand, buying is a one-time investment. The caveat is you’ll also need to factor in related costs for routine maintenance and care, especially with your skis. It’s also worth noting that rental places around popular ski destinations like Mammoth Mountain tend to stock gear and equipment specific to the local conditions.

Speaking of conditions, it can get very cold in Mammoth, so make sure you have the Mammoth Mountain apparel you need to stay warm while skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying all that Mammoth Mountain has to offer. Stop by Mammoth Bound to pick up what you need! 

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