Should You Wear a Helmet While Skiing or Snowboarding?

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Whether it’s the speed, the scenery, or conditions that deliver heavenly powder and thrilling tree runs, Skiing and snowboarding are inherently fun sports. The same things that make skiing and snowboarding fun enough to attract visitors to Mammoth Mountain from all over the world also make them dangerous though.

You can’t separate the fun from the danger, so the answer to whether or not you should wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding is always yes.

However, people still ride without a helmet, and if you’ve read this far then chances are that you’re one of those people or know someone who is. The Mountain Bound team wants everyone who visits Mammoth Mountain to walk away ready for another day on the snow, so we’ve listed the most important reasons to wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding below. Read all about it below before you visit Mammoth Mountain!

You Don’t Have the Mountain to Yourself

Even if you rode the safest trails and completely within your ability so that there was no chance you would fall, you would still need to wear a helmet because you can’t control how the people around you ride.

Think back to when you were a beginner and how little control you had as you slid down the slope. Even if you’re riding relatively safe trails where there’s little chance of falling, someone could lose control or fall while stopping and collide with you. Even at low speeds, if your head hits the ground then you’ll wish you had a helmet. Collisions with other skiers and snowboarders are possible all over the mountain no matter how much you check over your shoulder before turning. They can even happen in lift lines, so give yourself one less thing to worry about while on the snow by wearing a helmet.

Everyone Falls

No matter how comfortable you are on the snow, you can’t predict conditions all over the mountain.

It doesn’t matter if you’re riding corduroy or powder, falls happen to everyone due to the unpredictable nature of skiing and snowboarding that makes every run unique and fun. It could be a patch of ice, a drop you weren’t ready for, a small bump that catches your edge, or a million other things that brings you down while on the slope. When that happens, you need the protection a helmet provides. Even if you’ve fallen before and always walked away fine, head injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, no matter how good you are at skiing or snowboarding.

Since you’re going to fall at some point no matter what you do, you might as well be ready in case your head hits the ground.

Helmets Allow You to Push Your Skiing and Snowboarding

If you think about everything we’ve said here during your next ski or snowboard trip, then you might not want to ride at all. With a helmet though, you can ride easy knowing that your head is protected.

That peace of mind will also allow you to push your riding and go places you would be less comfortable riding without a helmet. Whether that means trying your first black diamond or doing a backflip in the park for the first time, the confidence that a helmet will give you is key to accomplishing your goals. In a more literal sense, most ski and snowboard schools require helmets for their students, so if you want to even begin learning then you will need a helmet while snowboarding or skiing!

Are you planning on coming to Mammoth Mountain? Make sure to check out the weather beforehand and rent your snowboarding helmet here!

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