How to Save With the Mammoth Mountain Beginner Pass

Save with Mammoth Beginner Pass

Anytime someone sees Mammoth Mountain, their eyes always end up on the summit, its 11,053 feet of elevation, and all the different ways you can make it down.

If you’re a new skier or snowboarder though, then the runs leading down from the summit might as well be on the moon since you won’t have the skills needed to ride down them safely. The bad news is that there are dozens of trails that fall into the same “some day” category all over Mammoth since they require too much skill for a beginner to attempt safely. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for access to all those trails if you’re not going to ride them thanks to the Mammoth Mountain beginner pass.

Mammoth Bound is here to help you get the most out of your visit to Mammoth Mountain, so we’ve listed the most important things to know about the Mammoth Mountain beginner pass below! Check it out to decide what pass is right for you!

What You Pay

The Mammoth Mountain Beginner pass currently costs $79 for adults. However, there are different ticket prices for those in other age groups. For example, young adults, children, and seniors all get a discounted price. Click here to see more about beginner pass costs and availability.

What You Get with the Mammoth Beginner Pass

The value of the beginner pass is that you only pay for the beginner runs that you’ll have the skill to make it down as a novice. However, not everyone is a complete beginner, so knowing exactly what trails and lifts the beginner pass gives you access to matters.

Chairs 7, 11, 15, and 17 are all covered under the beginner pass. If you’d like to see exactly what that means, then click here to see the Mammoth Mountain trail map.

Mammoth Skiing and Snowboarding Trailmap

The beginner pass gives riders access to a lift at every lodge, so no matter where your day begins you’ll have at least one lift you can use. However, the beginner pass covers no lifts higher up the mountain since more skill is required to ride there. Since beginner pass riders will be spending their day around the lodges, we’ve broken down each lodge and the lifts accessible to beginners there below.

Eagle Lodge

The only lift near Eagle Lodge is Chair 15. While there are plenty of blue runs designed with beginners in mind accessible from Chair 15, you’ll also find the most crowds and longest lift lines since it is the only lift near the lodge and is often used by ski schools and beginners.

However, once you make it on Chair 15 you’ll have access to several blue runs that are long enough to make your wait worth it.

Canyon Lodge

Canyon Lodge offers access to Chair 17, 7, and all of the green runs beneath them. There are also other lifts near Canyon lodge, and its central location makes it a great place to meet up with other riders. Most notably, the village ski back trail is accessible from both chairs, so if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get back to the village then check it out. Don’t forget to keep your speed!

Main Lodge

Lastly, Chair 11 is the only beginner pass chair accessible from Main Lodge. Although there are several other lifts in the area that lead all over the mountain, Chair 11 only offers access to a few green runs. However, there are several different features like beginner terrain parks and fun zones that will keep young skiers and snowboarders entertained here.

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