What You Need to Know About Mammoth Mountain’s Capacity Limit

Mammoth Capacity Limit

There’s never been more demand to get on the snow than now since the COVID-19 pandemic cut the 2019/20 winter season short and plunged us into a year of lockdowns, isolation, and uncertainty. The demand for time outside is even greater at a place like Mammoth Mountain where some of the best snow and terrain in the world sits within driving distance of several major cities.

Unfortunately, crowded slopes, lift lines, and facilities are likely to increase the spread of COVID-19. That means that as much as Mammoth Mountain wants to welcome back visitors with open arms, it will have to do so with appropriate social distancing enforced through a capacity limit instead. To make sure you have the best trip possible, we’ve listed what you need to know about Mammoth Mountain’s capacity limit below. Check it out before your visit to Mammoth Mountain!

What a Capacity Limit Means

Although a capacity limit is self-explanatory, there is more to it than just a certain number of people being allowed on the snow every day.

For example, Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain are not selling tickets at their walk-up windows this season. Instead, all lift tickets must be reserved and purchased through Mammoth Mountain’s website or app. Although there will be Mammoth Mountain staff at the walk-up windows, they will be there to answer questions only and will not sell tickets.

Why it Matters

The intention of only selling tickets online is to closely monitor the number of people on the mountain every day and prevent crowding as much as possible, but if you want to ski or snowboard on a weekend or holiday then it might result in you not being able to purchase tickets because they’re sold out. If you’re planning on visiting Mammoth Mountain on a day when there will be high demand for lift tickets, make sure you reserve them well ahead of time so that you’re actually able to get them.

Mammoth’s Other COVID-19 Policies

We already mentioned that Mammoth Mountain is enforcing its capacity limit by closely monitoring how many lift tickets they sell and shutting down sales once they reach capacity, but there is more to their COVID procedures than just that.

Masks are required anywhere on Mammoth Mountain where social distancing is not possible. That means all lift lines, lifts, and indoor facilities require you to wear a mask while using them. Lifts and the gondola are also requiring riders to socially distance while on them, so the lines can build up fast on a crowded day. For that reason, we recommend avoiding the lifts near the base of the mountain if you’re riding on a weekend or holiday as they will build lines quickly.

Mammoth is also enforcing its mask policy, so make sure you wear your mask when required. Visitors who refuse to wear their mask on the mountain could be asked to leave and could even have their season pass revoked in extreme cases.

Stay Flexible and Have Fun

It’s easy to forget to have fun with all these new rules and their consequences, but that’s exactly what you came to Mammoth Mountain to do.

No matter what happens, keep that in mind and stay flexible as the mountain staff do everything they can to accommodate all visitors safely. The staff at Mammoth Mountain are experts, but COVID-19 is still unpredictable so policies and rules may change as they adapt. The best way to make sure there are no surprises ahead of your visit is to check Mammoth Mountain’s COVID-19 page and keep your plans flexible in case there are any policy changes.

Are you planning on coming to Mammoth Lakes or Mammoth Mountain? Make sure to check out the weather before your trip!

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