Reasons to Visit Mammoth Mountain in 2022

One of the New Year’s resolutions worth making and keeping in 2022 is planning to spend some time visiting Mammoth Mountain. As one of the most appealing, scenic, sprawling, and inviting resorts in California, it’s a place with much to offer for visitors of all ages, interests, and skill levels. Take a moment to check out some of the top reasons you absolutely need to come to Mammoth in 2022, brought to you by the friendly folks at Mammoth Bound, your one-stop shop for everything from high-quality Mammoth snowboard rentals to Mammoth Mountain apparel for every season.

Mammoth Is Enjoyable & Accessible Year-Round

While Mammoth Mountain got its start as a ski resort, it’s so much more than that now. Yes, skiing is still a popular wintertime activity here, but Mammoth has many other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at various times of the year, including:

• Biking and walking
• Hiking along trails of varying degrees of difficulty and length
• Camping at on-site locations
• Snowboarding, snow tubing, and snowmobiling
• Golfing at the nearby course
• Going on guided climbing excursions

Mammoth Is All about Convenience

Convenience is one of the many reasons you’ll love coming to Mammoth in 2022. For instance, there are lifts that go up the mountain, which has a restaurant at the top, and you can enjoy a relaxing scenic ride in a gondola. Free shuttle service is also available from all on-site lodges to the adjacent Mammoth Lakes area. Mammoth offers even more convenience with:

• Numerous Ikon Pass perks (e.g., “early ups” during ski season, discounts, etc.)
• Highly recommended restaurants conveniently located at on-site lodges
• Shopping options at the nearby Village at Mammoth
• Mobile apps for summer and winter

Nearby Mammoth Lakes Is Equally Inviting

Since the shuttle service makes it so easy to get to Mammoth Lakes, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy activities that can make your visit even more memorable. For example, fishing is one of the most popular Mammoth Lakes activities because of the gorgeous well-stocked lakes throughout the area, and they’re accessible during a large portion of the year. Mammoth Lakes also has truly unique and welcoming shops and restaurants you’re free to check out during your trip.

You’ll Have Multiple Lodging Options

As long as you make reservations as far in advance of your planned Mammoth trip as possible, you should be able to find lodging options that are ideal for your preferences, budget, and preferred trip dates. Mammoth offers lodging possibilities that include:

• Mammoth luxury home rentals that are ideal for longer stays
• Spacious condos and townhouses complete with balconies and kitchens
• Standard hotel rooms at the Mammoth Mountain Inn
• The Village Lodge, which is right in the heart of the action at Mammoth

You Can Get What You Need when You Arrive

You don’t have to buy a bunch of gear and lug it with you for your planned activities when you come to Mammoth in 2022. The Mammoth area is home to many high-quality rental shops with friendly, knowledgeable staff members and plenty of equipment and accessories in various sizes, styles, and designs. You can even take lessons to brush up on certain skills during your visit in a safe, fun way.

No matter what time of year you visit Mammoth Mountain, you’re sure to find plenty of fun, relaxing ways to enjoy your stay. Whether you need high-quality ski or snowboard rental or you’re looking for trendy Mammoth headwear, you can rely on the team at Mammoth Bound for exceptional service and great advice from mountain sports experts. Drop by our shop or contact us at [email protected].

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