How to Save on Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets with the Ikon Pass

Between remote locations, work schedules, and weather dependent conditions, there are plenty of reasons people don’t make it to the mountain for a day of skiing or snowboarding.

However, the number one reason most people stay away from places like Mammoth Mountain is the cost of a lift ticket to get on the snow.

Fortunately, the Ikon Pass, a pass that gives owners season long access to Mammoth Mountain and dozens of others around the world for one price, actually grows more valuable the more visits you take to Mammoth or any other mountain covered under it. To show you even more ways to save at Mammoth Mountain with the Ikon Pass, the Mammoth Bound team has put together a list of tips below! Check it out and then make your trip to Mammoth Mountain happen with Mammoth Bound!

Buy the Ikon then Ski and Snowboard as Much as Possible

If you’re unfamiliar with a collective pass like the Ikon, the basic idea is that one pass gives you varying degrees of access to several mountains all for one price.

Of course, that means that the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to ski or snowboard as much as possible so that you save the same amount or more than what you would have paid for lift tickets without the Ikon. After you save the same as what you spent on your Ikon, you’ll be riding for free. Not only is this the best way to save on lift tickets, but it’s also the most fun!

IKON PASS UNLOCKS WINTER 20/21 ON MARCH 5, 2020 - Colorado Ski Country USA

Buy the Ikon as Soon as the Season Ends

The absolute easiest way to save money on lift tickets to Mammoth Mountain is by buying an Ikon Pass as soon as the previous ski season ends.

Ikon Passes start at their lowest cost in the spring as the mountains close to lock skiers and snowboarders into the following season. Whether you’re buying for the first time or are renewing, spring is always the best time to purchase an Ikon Pass. 

Renew Your Ikon Pass

You’ll get an even better deal on your Ikon Pass in the spring if you’re renewing your pass from last season.

Ikon rewards their returning customers by giving them an even steeper discount on their passes than the regular spring price. If you miss the spring discount but still want to renew your pass, then don’t worry. Ikon offers a discount on their passes throughout the time that they’re for sale. Just make sure you renew before the season begins and passes are no longer sold!

Take Advantage of Other Mountains Nearby

We know that we’re showing our bias when we say that Mammoth Mountain is our favorite place to ride, but we can also admit that there are plenty of other great mountains covered under the Ikon that everyone should visit.

Based on a mountain’s size and geography, a lift ticket there may cost more than at another mountain. If you have an Ikon Pass though, every mountain costs the same, so save money by trying new mountains all over the country and the world!

Skip Ticket Lines

Lastly, Ikon Passes allow you to save time by completely skipping the ticket line. The more time you have on the snow, the more you’ll get out of whatever you spend to get there! 

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