Proposing in Mammoth Lakes?

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just love being surrounded by natural beauty, there isn’t a better place to propose than in Mammoth Lakes.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with Mammoth Lakes then you may not have all the details you need to make your proposal perfect. That’s why the Mammoth Bound team has listed a few important things to know for proposing in Mammoth Lakes.

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Check the Weather and Prepare

You’re not coming to Mammoth Lakes to propose indoors, so if you do nothing else then check the weather forecast ahead of your proposal date.

Although the season may give you a clue as to what to expect, the sky can change quickly here and the air temperature goes with it. Plus, you can never be completely sure of what the weather will be so you must check the forecast a week before, a few days out, and the day of your proposal so you’re ready for anything.

But Be Ready to Adapt 

Checking the weather won’t allow you to control it though, and as we said earlier the weather can change quickly.

That can mean unexpected rain, wind, or even snow on the day of your proposal. As a result, you must be ready to adapt to the weather. That can mean braving the cold, rain, or snow so have a raincoat or jacket ready for your proposal!

You Can Buy Gondola Tickets if You’re Not a Skier or Snowboarder

One of the most popular places to propose in Mammoth Lakes is the highest point in the area, the summit of Mammoth Mountain. However, if its winter then Mammoth Mountain is covered in snow and getting up and down it requires skiing and snowboarding. Unless, of course, you take the gondola to the summit.

The gondola runs year round from near Main Lodge and to the summit where there is a small restaurant and spectacular views.

Minaret Vista is Accessible and Beautiful

You can find similarly stunning views of the mountains at Minaret Vista.

Minaret Vista is free and easily accessible by car or a short hike, which allows you to get there through whatever kind of travel makes for the perfect lead up to your own unique proposal.

However, during winter the trail and road leading to Minaret Vista are completely covered in snow and the only way to reach the vista is by snowshoe or snowmobile. Plan accordingly so the Minarets can be in the back of your proposal photos! 

Convict Lake is Out of Town but Stunning

Convict Lake is another incredibly beautiful place to get engaged thanks to its stunning mountain slopes and pristine waters. However, Convict Lake is just outside of Mammoth Lakes so it will take a short drive to get there from town.

There are also developed facilities around Convict Lake like a small resort and marina so you can make an entire day out of your trip there.

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